To The College Student Who Is Spending Their Summer Working Full Time

To The College Student Who Is Spending Their Summer Working Full Time

Don't feel like you're missing out, instead, be thankful of all the things you are learning that will help you later on in life.


To the college student who is spending their summer working full time,

I know it's hard to watch everybody go out and have fun and not be able to go because you have work. I know you're feeling like you're missing out because you never have time. Whether it be an internship for your future career or just a side job to make money, working your summers away is hard to do.

Make the most of your summers by planning fun things on your days off. Remind yourself that the lessons that you're learning top any fun adventure that you could be having, and you will actually thank yourself someday for your job. Surround yourself with other people in the same position, who are also crazy busy, to remind yourself that you are not alone.

Your summer job will give you more fun and memories than you can imagine. It'll teach you life lessons that you never thought possible, and it'll bring the best people into your life.

So, even if working your summers away isn't exactly ideal, remember to be thankful for the opportunity and try your hardest to make the most of the time off that you do have to make it the best summer ever!

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