Mid-semester blues are a real thing and there's no better way to express those struggles than through the best television show of all time. Know confidently that you are NOT the only one feeling like you hit a brick wall by the first week in November. Fortunately, the FRIENDS gang does a great job of expressing exactly how we feel.

1. Wait. How did I spend so much money in a week? S.O.S. How do you start a GoFundMe page? 


Ohhhhh now I get all of the broke college kid jokes. Where do people get all the money to eat out every single night of the week? I am TOO busy for this crap.

2. Why are y'all still going out on a Tuesday night? It is cold and you are not wearing enough clothing for this. 

Why Would You Do That David Schwimmer GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

For real though, I don't understand how these people manage to pass their classes AND have the social life they do. ALSO, am I the only one that thinks 30 degrees is cold? How are you not frozen solid right now?

3. Wait. Hold on? WHEN is that exam?  


Wait. Crap. Hold on. How the heck did I miss this? Didn't we have an exam like last week? What do you mean that was a month ago?

4. Do you people not have exams? Why are you playing music at 2 a.m. in the middle of the week? 


Go. To. Sleep! It is LATE. It is the middle of the week. WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW YOU PEOPLE HAVE THIS MUCH ENERGY.

5. WHY do hours of studying not equal great grades? 


Two hours of studying, 75. 5 hours of studying 75. Should it make a difference? Yes! Does it? Not even a little bit.

6. I have more things on my planner than can be accomplished in a single day. 


Really, please do explain how one gets 34 hours of work completed in 24 hours. One planner isn't enough, I need two. I need sleep. I need a shower.

7. For Halloween this year I'm dressing up as the farthest thing from a college student I can find.


A chance to become something or someone different for the weekend? Yeah, I'll take it! At this point, I'll give anything to have an excuse to not study for a night.

8. Live footage of finals season sneaking up on me.


Two months is so long, woah, that's so much time! Wait, the weeks are flying by. How do I make them slow down? I AM NOT READY! I just got here!

9. Yes, I'm going to decorate for Christmas in October because I NEED JOY.


See, it makes sense. We go home so early in the month of December, decorating at a normal person time would leave no time for all of the happiness that the holidays bring.

10. Stressed or not, mid-semester is the greatest bonding experience and I wouldn't change it for the world.


As hard as this season may be, most of us would still wish it would slow down a bit and goodness knows we couldn't make it through without those around us.

As you cram for exams, break out the winter clothing, stress about money, worry about finals and embody the ideals of The Grinch in the middle of October, remember that there is no better time to bond with those around you. Enjoy it while it lasts, before you know it, we'll be returning for the spring semester.