11 Things Every Millennial Needs To Make This The Most Productive Semester Yet
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11 Things Every Millennial Needs To Make This The Most Productive Semester Yet

Sometimes, you just need a little motivation.

11 Things Every Millennial Needs To Make This The Most Productive Semester Yet
Raeleigh Hall

As usual, winter break went by in a flash, and it's back to the grind of classes, part-time jobs and studying. Most of us are probably dreading getting back into the routine of classes (I know I am!) but I've got you covered to make this your most productive semester yet!

I have compiled my favorite things that keep me productive and on a schedule that works the best for me. My Spring semester will be packed more than usual with a 15-hour course load, an internship, a part-time job and of course, creating and editing content for Odyssey! I'll show you how I manage my time for the important stuff, while still setting aside time to breathe.

1. Make a dream board!

D Magazine and Odyssey! I also included a yoga pose, as I want to get into yoga, and the #girlboss logo to always remind me to find my inner #girlboss in everything that I do!

2. Create a Studyblr!

A Studyblr is a Tumblr community dedicated to studying motivation posts, such as the photo above. There's just something about seeing someone else studying so organized in a Tumblr aesthetic manner that makes you want to be productive.

You can create your own by going to Tumblr and creating an account and filling your feed with other Studyblr accounts just like mine!

3. Planners & planner accessories

It probably seems redundant, but planners are an absolute must if you want to keep track of anything at all. I have two separate planners, one for organizations and work and another strictly for school assignments. I get my planners from Home Goods because they always have so many options that are perfect for anyone's style at great prices!

I find it to be very de-stressing to write down any deadlines or meetings in my planner knowing that I'll look at it later and no longer need to keep that information in my brain. All of your thoughts are in one place so you can clear your mind!

Planner accessories really just make 'planning' more fun. Invest in a fancy pen specifically for planning like this Kate Spade one in the photo and cute post-it notes or stickers (I got mine from the dollar section at Target!) and you'll find yourself WANTING to use your planner.

4. Dry Erase Calendar

While we're on the talk of planners, let's talk calendars! Having a planner can obviously be crucial to your productivity, but nothing beats having it up in your face whenever you look around your room. I got this huge, gold dry-erase calendar board from Home Goods, but you can find it here!

I like to transfer really important deadlines, meetings and birthdays from my planner onto this board so that I'm guaranteed to be reminded of them.

5. Personal notebook

I have found, especially as a writer, that I have a lot of thoughts constantly floating around my mind. I got this notebook from Charming Charlie, and it is filled with lists, article ideas, budgeting and so much more!

6. Motivating decor

Whether it be framed prints, self-help books or nameplates on display, like the one shown above, you will feel motivated to be productive if you're surrounded by encouragement in your study space.

7. Scheduled alone time

If you have a packed schedule with a ton of tests, meetings and group projects all piling up then it's easy to get overwhelmed. I've found that it's helpful for me to set aside time for myself where I can just de-stress. Take a bath with your favorite Lush products, catch up on a Netflix series or do whatever it is that leaves you feeling the most relaxed. It's more therapeutic than you realize, and your day will get so much better!

8. Designated study/workspace

It's easy to view your room as a chill space, which is why you may have a hard time getting focused at home. I used to use my desk as a vanity, but since changing it to my designated workspace, I have no problem with getting focused. Keep all of your necessary work things, add some decor and voila!

9. Proper sleeping schedule

This is about as redundant as needing a planner, but it's very important that you get enough sleep to be productive during the day. This means NO all-nighters. If you stick to a schedule like going to sleep at 10 p.m. and waking up at 6 a.m., then you're guaranteed nine hours of sleep, which will give you enough brain power to seize the day and get everything you need to get done, done.

10. Take advantage of apps/extensions

Our whole world is basically digitalized now, and in the case of productivity, this is a really great thing. There are so many extensions you can add to your browser, such as this one called Momentum, that is pictured above. Here is a mega-post by a 'Studyblr' account that outlines the best apps for studying and productivity.

11. Schedule a GYST Day

GYST: Get Your Sh*t Together

This is, by far, my favorite tip to productivity. We all have the little things we need to get done in midst of the chaos with work and school. A GYST day is a day that you schedule each week (typically on the weekend) to get things such as grocery shopping, laundry or an extensive skin-care routine to reset your face for the week done.

I also use these days to go over my week and see what deadlines I have so that I can be prepared. Kalyn Nicholson is the queen of GYST days, see hers here! I always feel the most productive after these days, and then you don't have to worry about all of those little things during the week!

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