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8 Types Of People You Will See In Every Class, Starting At 8 AM

Next time you walk into class, I'm sure you'll be able to pick out your fellow students and categorize them according to their stereotype.

8 Types Of People You Will See In Every Class, Starting At 8 AM

As far as classes go, it's easy to find patterns in the types of people who you sit next to. There are those that annoy you, those you are friends with, and the stereotype that you fall into. Every class has a student who is a general mess, and it's easy to point them out.

The complete mess


Sometimes we have bad days - we wake up late, forget a book, our last pen runs out of ink. Really, anyone has a day when they woke up on the wrong side of the bed and the day just feels completely off, but it seems that this student never has an average day in the class room. They walk in at least ten minutes late, never have their homework but always have an excuse - "my printer broke" as a classic go-to - and always seem confused about due dates. Basically, they are always out of it and are a complete mess.

The girl who always brings Starbucks


To be fair, it is understandable that we need a rush of caffeine to push through the day. As students, we go to bed late, wake up early, and study a lot in-between the two. But, she also arrives late to class, without fail, clutching either a classic PSL or simple cold brew, and being marked down as late is of little consequence.

The person who sits in the front of the room


Usually, I've noticed, the seats in the back of the room fill up quickly on the first day, since almost every student wants to be out of sight when the professor goes to ask questions. Almost every student, except those who sit in the front of the room. As one of these students myself, they are prepared for anything the professor might throw at them, including twenty highlighters, a stapler, and a box full of pens.

The know-it-all


Not to be confused with the student who sits in the front of the room, these students will sit anywhere in the room, but they will answer any question, including questions the professor does not ask. This student is convinced that they know the subject better than anyone else in the room, including the professor, though the truth of their beliefs varies from actually knowing the topic to knowing nothing at all.

The texter


Even though the syllabus says that there are no phones or laptops allowed in class, this student will not keep their thumbs from their screen. Sometimes they also take to scrolling through Instagram or Facebook between texts, and every now and then the professor might call them out on their addiction to their cell phone, but nothing will stall their instant messaging urges.

The gamer


Similar to the texter, the gamer always keeps their laptop open. Over the years, I've witnessed other students play Sims, Minecraft, and Minesweeper. Based on their typing and otherwise fiddling with their laptop, it may appear that they are frantically taking notes, but fear not - they are fully immersed in their gaming and likely have no idea what the professor is lecturing about.

The sleeper


At one point or another, every student either has an early class after a sleepless night, a class that puts them right to sleep, or a combination of both. However, this student falls asleep, without fail, every class. There are different tactics that the sleeper might take, from attempting to hide their drooping eyelids behind their fist, or just outright drools onto their notebook. For this student, class time equals nap time.

Your friend in class


This student is the one you look forward to seeing in class, who is your reason for going to class in the first place. You sit with your friend, you share notes and woes about the know-it-all across the room, who you complain to about homework, and who you look forward to seeing every week.

Next time you walk into walk into class, I'm sure you'll be able to pick out your fellow students and categorize them according to their stereotype.

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