To My Roommates In College Who Allowed Me To Be Myself
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To My Roommates In College Who Allowed Me To Be Myself

Past, present, or future, if you have put up living with me I am eternally grateful for your friendship

To My Roommates In College Who Allowed Me To Be Myself

College is known as the transition to adulthood. Lifelong friends are made from different towns, states, and even sometimes different countries.

Many of us are able to develop into our true selves after the acceptance of those around us in college. But there's an important group of college friends that seldom get the recognition they deserve.

Our roommates.

I say this plural because these special people move and change throughout our college years. Many things lead to this change in why we move, but that's not the important part. Because no matter what, each roommate we live with is a huge blessing that should be thanked and appreciated.

There are lots of horror stories of roommates, and I have no doubt those happen, but there's also many wonderful relationships that occur. For me, each roommate that ever puts up with living with me is a miracle.

She deals with my picky eating. She deals with my weird sleep schedule. She deals with my crazy drama and my mood swings. She lives with me day in and day out, through the highs lows, and sideways.

When I need to hold ya while we eat ice cream and cry over that boy. Or I'll gossip with you over the cutie that has been texting you.

We go to the club, ice cream runs, to eat dinner, Walmart, and about anywhere else we wanna go together. And those small memories that were highs and lows will always be invaluable.

To me, each roommates' "flaws" are gorgeous pieces of the mosaic of her. I have come to realize that those rough edges of each of us are some of the most beautiful and special pieces to our humanity. Acceptance of others and the way they live and act is an important skill that each human should attain. This quality is expanded though living with others that not too long ago were just strangers.

We may move apart one day. To another complex across town, to another city and college, or move away when that time to graduate sneaks up on us. But no matter when that move happens I want you to know that I am deeply grateful for every little thing you did for me.

Because of you, I've been able to place pieces into the puzzle of who I am. You've helped me heal from unimaginable wounds as well as celebrate unimaginable accomplishments. Without you, college wouldn't be as fun, wild, crazy, and purposeful. Each of you is one of my forever friends, so I hope you know you're stuck with me even if we don't live together forever.

I am thankful for you loving me and allowing me to find myself in such a confusing time between kid and adult. I hope that I was able to show you love and compassion as much as you have to me.

I want each roommate in my life to be better when our lease runs out of time because each person that crosses our path has a purpose. I hope that to you I had a positive purpose in your life because you definitely had a positive one in mine.

Each friend that you are blessed with at this time come to hold an honored place deep inside of yourself. Each memory and story with them is cherished. They become another family that you never knew you needed.

(XOXO Emily, Hannah, Viktoria, and any future roomies to come XOXO)

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