The office is more relatable for college kids than you think
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20 Memes From 'The Office' That Accurately Describe College In A Nutshell

Thanks for all the laughs when I needed them the most.

20 Memes From 'The Office' That Accurately Describe College In A Nutshell

If you are anything like me, you have watched 'The Office' religiously since starting your journey in college. It makes you laugh when you feel completely drained, and it definitely helps you to unwind and forget about whatever has been stressing you out throughout the day, or throughout a long week of essays and tests. The show is so relatable that I figured I would write an article on just how much I have seen it first hand at my university. Enjoy!

1. Venmo me?

You ran out of money and all you have left is a box of cheerios and some stale pasta to last you the last couple of weeks of the semester. Time to steal a freshman's dining hall swipes! Good luck kid!

2. ALE is never your friend.

Alcohol law enforcement mixed with underage drinking. We all know how this story ends.

3. Andy says it best.

Sophomore year when you no longer have unlimited dining hall swipes. That was by far the hardest part of college for me. Unfortunately I realized all too late how good I had it.

4. All the 'kiss up's' out there.

That one hard a** professor that is impossible to win over but you still try all semester to get on his good side. You never do, but at least you tried.

5. Save yourself!

Fifth year, Barstool, Old row, DO NOT, I repeat- DO NOT get exposed on one of these websites. Glad I dodged that bullet. 😜

6. Let it go...

That one friend who can't let go of high school. Leave the textbook at home, no one cares.

7. Please shut up.

I'm pretty sure someone quickly popped into mind when you read this. Hate to say it but you will meet plenty of girls like this in college. At least they are pretty!

8. Goodbye.

The girl who blows up his phone after a one night stand. Just let it go sister.

9. Talk about being bored.

Your most boring class is a three hour long lecture that could easily one be one hour but your professor decides to fill up the other two hours not by teaching anything that is going to be on the exam, but instead by telling Dad jokes! Love that!

10. Freshman- STOP!

Any freshman girl at a fraternity party. You do not need to snapchat every second you are there of the flashy neon lights, beer cans flying through the air, or your friend making out with some random boy. It is not cute, it is not funny, so for the sake of saving your dignity- please stop!

11. Confused much?

Me in Spanish 1. You read that correctly, Spanish 1. Who am I kidding, actually in any class.

12. Why me?!

All your professors team up and decided to have a secret meeting behind your back. They decided to give you 5 projects due by the end of the week on top of the 3 test and 4 essays you already had due by Friday! So fun!

13. Make way!

Trying to find somewhere to sit at the library during finals season. Time to hit up your local coffee shops!

14. Lets take it down a notch.

When you go to tutoring, countless office hours, watch youtube lessons, read the textbook twenty times, stay after class for an hour AND STILL nothing adds up. Is it just me?

15. Cougar alert!

Fifth years who have switched their major's twenty-plus times and are now taking freshman classes with all, well- freshman. No one has intentions to end up as a 'super senior', but it really is surprising how many of us will.

16. All in!

When the bar starts playing the song 'closing time'. That means the bar is closing, there is no time for pickup lines, and it is time to go big or go home! Odds are your going to strike out and go home, but hey, never hurts to try!

17. Fail.

The professor's syllabus clearly states, "you get three unexcused absences per semester." You already know that more than half of the students in the class used up those absences by the end of the first month. Hope you have a friend that can write your name down on the attendance list!

18. Watch where you're going!

Tour groups that always cut you off and walk like a pack of snails when you are sprinting from the opposite side of campus to make it in time for class. Know your place.

19. Your not that special.

That one girlfriend who assumes every guy falls in love with her the first time they meet her and therefore clearly has the biggest ego. At least she has confidence though, don't burst her bubble!

20. It gets better.

When the going gets tough and ALL YOU WANT TO DO is throw in the towel, cry for the next 32 years and quit- know that it does get better!! You will graduate, and you will get that job! (Even if it takes you wayyyy longer then planned.) Chin up college kids, we've got this!

Thank you to 'The Office' for all the laughs and never-ending jokes that I can always reference back to the show. You have changed my sense of humor in more way's than one, and I am forever grateful for that.

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