College Life Poem
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Student Life

College Life Poem

What college is really like.

College Life Poem

When it comes to College Life, many are stressed and worried about their future. But I have come to realize that it is all not so bad! Here are a few reasons why. A Poem about college life.

When I step on campus

I am reminded about the good

and bad time that I went through.

But alas, College, you are not all that bad.

The campus is bright, green and loved by

all students, staff and professors, I love you college,

You are the best times of my life, and I will miss those nice and calm days

when you sit outside in the warm weather doing hw with shorts and t-shirts on.

I will miss it when I leave in May, but never will I forget my times at college

For it is the best time to be alive! Don`t fret, don`t stress, just enjoy, life your life

and never forget why you are here!

-Taylor Murphy

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