It's January and while some people are working on their New Year's Resolution, others are focused on more pressing matters. Some can include the government shutdown, family matters or businesses doing poorly in the market. Then there likes the matter with students. January is a time for students to return from break and start the second half of the year. January from May seems like such a long journey but in reality, it isn't. Sometimes it feels like a blink of the eye and it is summer. We want to accept so much that before we accomplish most of the checklist, we could be halfway done with the test.

When we first start college there seems to be a lifetime between the beginning and ending college. We choose to focus on several things but sometimes forget about the important ones. Over winter break my brother told me to write down the most important things I wanted to accomplish in my last semester of college and it got me thinking. I want to remember the moments and spend any time I have available with my friends. I don't want to stress or focus on something that isn't vital to me but rather I want to enjoy myself.

I don't know how other seniors might be handling their last semester but I know that if one senior can provide advice to another then maybe that can inspire others as well.

Dear college senior soon to be grad,

You made it. You are so close to completing your education journey (unless you want to go to graduate school) and you have grown, matured and learned along the way. There are so many people who helped bring you here and it is important to remember the sacrifices they went through to support you in college. This is the first point of this letter: Always remember the people who got you here. Family, friends, and teachers are people who laid everything on the line for you to succeed and you would not be here without them. Your parents and siblings were instrumental but be sure to think about your grandparents and that teacher who never gave up on you. In your last semester think about how you got here and the people who helped. Their impact is lasting and that can inspire you onward.

Don't stress over the little things

There are going to be things that might attempt to derail you in your last semester but don't let that get under your skin. It is your last semester and there are going to be things that will bug you but we just have to move on.

You don't need to find a boyfriend or girlfriend this semester

A Lot of my articles have focused on the significance of Independence and why you might not need a significant other. I know people talk about how they find their husband or wife in college but that shouldn't be on your mind. If you focus only on finding a girl or boyfriend then you'll miss out on a lot. Instead of focusing on a romantic relationship think about friendships. Preserve your friendships and reinforce them. Maybe a relationship can come out of that.

Have fun with your friends

I know it can be difficult to make time with your friends due to school, work or looking for a job but remember to find time for fun. Your friends in college have become your support system and spending any time you have with them will remind you how thankful you are for them. These are the friends who will be at your wedding and the people who know you as well you know yourself. Find time for them because you will miss them and they will miss you.

It must have been a great four-plus years for you in college. However, this isn't goodbye. The experiences you create in college will follow you in life and you have connections that will remain with you. I can understand being sad and nervous about college ending but it is important to keep moving forward. College helped mold you into a different person and now it is time for that person to change the world.