The In-Between Stage Of College Life Comes With The Uncertainty Of What Is To Come

The In-Between Stage Of College Life Comes With The Uncertainty Of What Is To Come

How do you classify this point in life?


There is something to be said about the weirdness of being in college and only being a year shy of entering the infamous 20s. In this weird time, in between being a child and an adult, a lot goes on. Most of it goes above my head. I thought I still had a few years until engagement announcements and baby photos began to enter my timeline. However, I was terribly mistaken. I have entered the time in one's life where they see people acting like children at parties sucking on beer bottles as though they are bottles of formula, or encounter those girls who are constantly seeking their "MRS degree" or being one who is like me trying to get a hold a life.

Have only been living on my "own" for four months, I have been totally oblivious to everything about me. I would look in the mirror every day and see the same person, however, when I look closely, things started to look different, though I really never dwelled on it. But suddenly, I looked in the mirror and saw something totally different. It was still me, but it was someone I didn't know. Over the course of my short time in college, I have turned into someone else, but not in a bad way. It was bound to happen, but at times, I still feel deep down inside that nothing has changed, but a lot has.

Throughout one's childhood, you see change, but don't realize it at the time. Honestly, childhood felt like forever, but I don't remember leaving it. Most of it was a blur. Yet, I have this sensation where I know I am not in it anymore, but I don't know what I entered. I feel as though I entered this weird place where people aren't sure who they are. It is a world filled with a constant identity crisis that I really didn't know I entered until recently. Maybe I am one of those few people who are too aware of their surroundings.

I see people differently now, not because of where I am or who I am, but I see others who are in this in-between place like me but are unaware of it or they are just lost. They act like infants whiny and restless, yet they speak like Samantha from "Sex and the City" discussing their recent conquest openly not giving two thoughts about how people perceive them. I am not one of them. Then there are those who believe they need to prove they are better than the beer guzzling college partiers.

These self-proclaimed intellects make themselves feel superior by questioning others' intellects and social behavior. They look down their noses at the typical juvenile college behavior, when in reality, they are more scared of life the partiers who stay out until the wee hours of the morning. They are scared because they don't know their worth without demeaning others. They fear they are minnows swimming in an ocean filled with sharks.

Then there is me. I don't fit into either one of those two groups. While I am not exactly sure of who I am, I don't think for a second I have forgotten about the person I was. I feel like I have begun to let myself be myself. I look at pictures of myself from a year ago and compare them to pictures from today, and I see a person who is growing and evolving. Someone who is speaking the truth, feeling more comfortable with change, and someone who is more comfortable with me. I still don't know the person I will end up being, but I am learning to deal with being a person living in this place in-between.

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To All Student-Athletes Beginning Their Respective Seasons, Remember Why You Play

You are going to get tired. You are going to get worn out...


Dear athlete,

The season is by far the most exciting time of the year. Big plays, good memories, traveling new places, and winning championships... But yet another promise is that season is also exhausting.

You are going to get tired. You are going to get worn out...

But remember that this season of your life doesn't last forever. Remind yourself why you play.

You play this sport because you love the game. You love the competition, you love your teammates and the friendships that you've formed, you love the lessons you learn aside from the physical aspect.

So each day, continue to choose the game.

It's not easy. But if it was, everyone would do it. But discomfort is where progress happens.

Quit dreading practices, quit wishing for rain, quit complaining about conditioning, and quit taking for granted a busy schedule that is literally made just for you. Tens of thousands of young girls and boys would do anything to be in the position (literally) that you are in. Take advantage of being a role model to those young kids who think the world of you.

Freshmen, this is what you have wanted for so long. Take advantage of the newness, take advantage of the advice, encouragement, and constructive criticism that your older teammates give you. Soak it all in, four years goes by really quickly.

Sophomores, you now know how it works. Be confident in your abilities, yet continue to learn and grow mentally and in your position.

Juniors, prepare to take the lead. Use this season to, of course, continue to sharpen your skill, but also recognize that you're over halfway done, so mentally and physically ready yourself to take the seniors' lead next year.

Seniors, this is it. Your last year of playing the sport that you love. Be a good leader, motivate, and leave your mark on the program in which you have loved for so long. Encourage the athletes behind you to continue the traditions and standards set by the program. Lay it all on the field, leave it all on the court, and leave your program better than you found it.

Take the season one day at a time and, each day, make it your goal to get better. Get better for your team, for you pushing yourself makes everyone else work even harder. So even if you don't get a lot of playing time, make your teammates better by pushing yourself so hard that they have no other choice than to push themselves too. And when a team has every single player pushing themselves to the max, success happens.

Take advantage of this time with your teammates and coaches, for they won't be your teammates and coaches forever.

No matter what year you are and no matter what your role is this season... GROW. You are an integral part of your team and your program.

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To My Apartment Complex, You Should Have Told Us That We Were Getting Another Roommate

Me: *doing homework in the dining room*

Random Stranger: "Hey, I'm your new roommate!"

Me: "Oh, well this is surprising."


Dear apartment complex (whom shall not be named),

To say that the day has been weird might possibly be an understatement. It started out normal, like any other second day of the semester might go. I went to class, work, and the grocery store. However, about thirty minutes after returning home, I sat down to do my homework, and alas! A stranger walked through our door. Now (dear reader), if you've been following this journey with me, you might have seen the utter shock that I went through when our previous roommate left without warning. I guess that things in this world come into our lives the same way that they exit - shockingly.

Hey apartment complex, I'm not necessarily angry. I'm just disappointed (total mom move by the way). I am now filled with a plethora of questions. First of all, how did this happen? Why did you promise us that we wouldn't be getting another roommate last semester? Who is she? And most importantly, why did we not know that she would be moving in today or at all?

The dynamic in our little home will now change. We've become such a strong family and trying to explain that all to someone without scaring them might be difficult. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about the opportunity presented and the chance to make a new friend. However, I don't think you (the complex) handled this entire thing in the best way. A girl, whom we don't even know the last name of, is moving in and you have the audacity to do absolutely nothing about it. How do you expect us to handle this? Calmly?

I don't know if "shock" is in one of the five stages, but that is all we are feeling right now. Utter shock. And a little bit of anxiety. What's going to happen to our rhythm? What's going to happen to our family? Is she even a good person?

All of these questions await answers, and we haven't been able to sit still since she walked in.

So, apartment complex, I like Chick-fil-a gift cards with an apology.

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