6 Remedies To Prevent Sickness In College

6 Remedies To Prevent Sickness In College

I've sneezed at least 30 times since I've walked into class.


This past week I experienced being sick during college. It's the worst feeling ever. 10 out of 10 would not recommend. I hate being sick and being away from my family just makes it worst. I'm a baby when I'm sick (sorry future husband) and my parents, especially my dad. From my experience, I made a list of advice for those fellow students that haven't gone through being sick:

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

The last thing you want to is drink water but in the long run it's good for your immune system. I'm not the most avid water drinker but when I'm sick I try to drink at least three bottles a day. You might hate it but trust me you need it.

2. Get some sleep

The only good thing I realized about being sick in college was I caught up on some necessary sleep. I went to sleep two hours before the Cowboys came on this past Sunday, woke up watched the first half, when back to sleep during halftime, and woke up to watch the Boys win the game (How bout them Cowboys?) I felt some much better afterwards, not only because of the game but because I caught up on some sleep.When you're sick get some sleep, because you need.

3. One word: NyQuil

Over the years mine and NyQuil's relationship has grown. NyQuil and DayQuil will make everything feel better. I always sleep like a baby every time I take NyQuil. So college people, go to your local Walmart and get some NyQuil.

4. Avoid going to public places

When I mean public places I mean the gym, out to dinner with your friends, and parties. You don't want to spread your sickness to the rest of the campus then everyone is miserable. Just stay home, and caught up on Scandal.

5. You're gonna think you're dying

I felt like I was just going to lay over and die. That's normal with being sick but you literally feel like your dying. Dying is the only option. I'm dying. Goodbye world.

6. Go to the doctor

Just like OSU a lot of schools have a health clinic on campus which is very useful so that way you don't have to leave campus just to go to a doctor. Also if your school is anything like OSU you might need to schedule an appointment because I had to wait for three hours one time. Go to the doctor they have all the answers.

Being in sick in college is no fun because your parents aren't there to help you and you just don't wanna do anything. I hope this advice helps!

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