It's been a while since I have had a boyfriend. And I mean AWHILE. And it's not for lack of trying.

See, I don't take dating lightly. When I meet the right man, I will know because we will both be seeking God together and our relationship will bring out the best in both of us. I only want to date a man who I can see myself marrying both for the sake of his heart and mine.

Lately, I have been feeling as if it is impossible to meet my future husband. So many people tell me that my standards are too high and that I need to lower them if I ever want to date. But is it really too much to ask to meet a God-seeking man who desires to pursue me? I didn't think so for a long while, but as time passed and this man did not appear in my life, I began to get very discouraged.

"God, where is he? I have been patient. I have waited. When will you bring this man into my life? You know how strongly I desire to be married and have a family."

For a long time, I have followed Cole LaBrant and Savannah Soutas on Instagram and watched their YouTube videos.

I so strongly look up to them for their faith and goofy/spontaneous personalities. Like many others, I followed their love story through social media and dreamed about one day finding true love like they did.

Recently I read their new book called "Our Surprising Love Story," which re-instilled my faith that God might really have someone out there for me after all.

Cole and Savannah weren't even supposed to meet.

If not for a crazy chance encounter at a mall in California, where Cole was only vacationing, they never would have even met each other. If they both had not taken a chance and had the exactly perfect pieces fall into place, they might never have gotten to know each other in the same way, and therefore, may never have dated or even gotten married. They both recognize that without God's interference, they would never have built the marriage they have today.

To see the two of them together is to see real and pure love.

They have the kind of relationship that I so strongly desire. The kind of relationship that so many people tell me is impossible to find. Cole is the kind of man that I want to wait for when so many tell me to lower my standards to be more realistic.

But why? God wants us to find our person. He wants us to build a life with someone who is there for us 100%. Someone who leads us and encourages us to grow stronger in our faith and who compliments us in every way. It is with this person that you will know true and giving love.

Savannah and Cole show true and giving love every day in their relationship.

Their story truly inspires me to stand up for my faith and be a model for others of God's selfless and giving love. It is with this love that I can become the person that God wants me to be. I hope that somewhere out there my future husband is also striving in the same journey to be a model of God's love so that when we meet, we will join in this journey together.

Even though I am still waiting on meeting my future husband, Sav and Cole have shown me that it is not impossible to find true love. I still have hope that God has my person out there for me to meet at the exact perfect timing.