It's everyone's favorite time of the year, Fall! If you're an ice cream addict like I am then you basically have tried every single flavor in your local ice cream shop by now. You've found your favorite flavors and you've had them almost every day of summer. But now that it's October, you've cut back on your cone habit because you realize that eating ice cream in 60-degree weather isn't really acceptable by society's standards. You've come to terms with the idea that you'll just have to settle for Halloween candy instead.

But who wants to settle? NO ONE. And that's why Cold Stone Creamery announced on their Twitter that they're releasing a new ice cream creation for the month of October that's actually acceptable to eat during the spooky season: it's called 'Treat or Treat' and it's made with 'Boo Batter'.

It's the perfect mixture of all of your favorite toppings in one. The main base of the ice cream is cake batter died in black food coloring in honor of Halloween. Then they've added crushed up Oreos (with orange filling instead of the traditional white filling), M&Ms and broken pieces of Kit Kats. Expect to taste candy in every bite because Cold Stone's iconic way of making ice cream integrates all the candy into the ice cream batter itself.

Make sure to get the specialty ice cream soon because it is a limited edition that will only last while Halloween costumes are still prominently displayed in stores. You just may have to get it every day until the end of October, because it's that GOOD!