Clutch Purses Which Will Redefine Your Fashion Statement
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Clutch Purses Which Will Redefine Your Fashion Statement

Slay your look with unique & classic patterns of clutches.

Clutch Purses Which Will Redefine Your Fashion Statement

It is now a mandatory aspect that every single women out there carries a handbag or a purse be it for the purpose of carrying vital everyday things or for the sake of fashion at some point of time. Though, we all are going to admit that to go for a matching chic look with the dress, a purse does complete the appearance. You just need to find some excuses and items to fill up the bag and when you can't think of any, makeups are the last resort. Whether it is a handbag or a purse, designers from around the world are coming up with new different and diverse ideas to upgrade them every seconds. And now, clutch purses became everyone's favorite.

In this article, you will have everything you need to know about clutch types purses.

1. The Classic Kind of Clutch Bags

With so many variations of clutch bags available in the market, we often forget the origin of this beautiful trendsetter. Made to carry under your arms or just for sophisticatedly carrying around handheld, it is usually compact in size and gives off an elegant vibe. The course material is generally solid and comes in sparkly, matte or velvety finishing. Those have either zip closing options or magnetic tugs. It is perfect for any formal or party occasions. It can hold some miniature items like money, phone, credit cards, lipsticks, etc.

2. Envelope Clutch

Looks exactly like a paper envelope except 3D in case of clutch purses, envelope clutches mark a characteristic flap closure which is triangular or oval in shape. It has either a magnet or button up option to close the bag. This gives the bag a chic personality. It looks best with a one-piece dress and subtly done makeups in any evening party events.

3. Box Clutch

A very unconventional kind of clutch over which ladies are going gaga is the box clutch purse. Unlike the traditional clutches which come in many different shapes, box clutches are rectangular in shape. With the various options of opening those with either zip, clic-clac or magnet, it has an aesthetic appeal to it. The materials are usually made of acrylic and the finishing can be either glittery or by leather. For a dinner date, the box clutch is your apt choice.

4. Kiss Lick Clutch

With a framed closure in different as well as diverse shapes, these kind of clutches have the specialty of the clasp which is like a kiss in the locking system. It can be used on both casual and formal days. The whole purse is usually soft with the hemming made of solid item. In the apparel industrial forum, designers have been accentuating the detailing of the clasps like spherical knobs, tugging in features to fasten the lock.

5. Miniaudière

Specially designed for special evening occasions, it is a clutch which is small and hard-cased that projects the characteristic decorations of ornamental beads or embellishment. Crystals or mirrors are used to highlight this French originated clutch bags. Metal cigarette case inspired, miniaudière is a gorgeous accessory perfect for grand and celebratory affairs.

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