A Clown.... Epidemic?

A few weeks ago, an article about a clown wandering around a midwestern town showed up on my news feed on facebook. Since then, more and more stories of clowns showing up everywhere have been present in the news and on facebook. So much so, that there are rumors of clown wandering around my neighborhood of a college town. These clowns were, at first, ignored or overlooked at some creepy prank from a few people who were overly excited about Halloween.

However, within the past week, this clown scare has turned into an epidemic. Clowns have gone from sitting around and scaring those who see them, to calling in threats to schools. This created a nationwide fear that something is going to occur on Halloween. But, let's take a minute to realize that, in our concern over the election, ISIS, Syrian refugees, and how much we hate both candidates up for the presidency, our nation has been silently surrounded by a clown epidemic. At what point did some people who apparently have nothing better to do with their time decide that dressing up like a clown, scaring people, and calling in threats to schools believe it was a good idea?

Meanwhile, memes and videos surrounding the clowns have become more popular than memes about the election. And while it's in good fun (or not), they show that the public is not taking the scare lightly. Copycats have taken to following the lead of the original clown and really that;s all it is... a bunch of copycats trying to get their 15 minutes of fame because the original clown received so much attention from the media and the general public. And if you're like me and deathly afraid of clowns this Halloween could be potentially terrifying. I know that I refuse to go out or take anyone trick or treating because I have no desire to run into a clown, even if they are just out to trick or treat. Although, I have no idea why anyone would even try to dress up as a clown this year unless they live under a rock.

Hopefully, these idiots will give this up before Halloween. Because I would not be surprised if something were to happen this year due to these creeps scaring everyone around them.

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