Clothing Sizes and Why They Don’t (and Shouldn’t) Matter

Clothing Sizes Are Really Just Random Numbers, They Don't Mean A Thing

That number is simply some ink on a scrap of paper.


I love clothes and I like following fashion, but ninety percent of the time I end up wearing jeans because I'm insecure about my body, so I relate very heavily to this subject.

Recently, I came across a video by Vox from about two years ago in a Facebook video thread. It explained the origin and evolution of standardized sizes of mass-produced ready-made clothing. It was honestly quite interesting to watch and recommend watching it, but that isn't what this is about.

The main point of this article is that at the end of the video the expert, Lynn Boorady, from SUNY Buffalo State, stated: "They're [clothing sizes] just random numbers. They don't mean anything. And if you don't like the size, just cut it out of your clothes."

That really made me feel something.

If I had to honestly reveal where my insecurities come from, it would be the tiny little number inside my jeans. For some reason, I have been trained by society to believe that the further I get from single digits, the worse I should feel about myself and the worse people must feel about me. The size of my clothing, no matter how often I try to remind myself that it doesn't matter, it still gets to me.

It makes me visualize myself as an ugly, beast-like creature next to a petite little princess.

I completely understand that standardized sizes make mass-produced goods substantially easier to make and sell but, more recently, standardized sizing has gone from a utility to a marketing tactic. There are groups of people sitting in rooms deciding that to sell more size eight they will label the size eights as size fours.

The goal of the market is to make people buy their clothing because their brand's clothes are "smaller" than a competing brand. The smaller size makes the consumers' self-confidence rise because they feel better about their bodies, even if that means that nothing has actually changed even though they went from an eight to a four. This tactic really shows how much producers care about their customers (the answer is: not much.)

It makes me sad to see that clothing companies are allowed tug around people's emotions and lives to make another buck. Personally, that would violate my code of ethics. I don't really have a message to leave you with besides: do not let your clothing sizes affect your life. That number is simply some ink on a scrap of paper.

Here is Vox's YouTube video and here is their article.

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Becca McGaffie on Unsplash

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The Life Of A Curvy Girl Is Very Exciting

To every curvy girl out there, share your curves as a positive outcome to your circumstances


Have you ever noticed in all the magazines, blogs, and TV it shows a thin size woman? In all the entertainment I take in, there was always a skinny woman. It brought down my self-esteem, and I would try to starve myself, yet it doesn't help. However, what if I was meant to be a curvy girl?

Before I go any further, I know that God gave me this body to take of it. But what if I was meant to be this size so, I can touch others who feel negative towards their bodies? For every curvy woman, you are so beautiful!!

Throughout my life, I wasn't thin. I had a gut. I had thighs. I was very unhappy with myself. Yet, I look at the expectations and what people will be happy with. But if there is one thing I realized, its that people are temporary. The naysayers in your life are not set in gold. They will push you to make sure that you're happy with yourself. I truly believe if people look at me weird, that means I'm doing an amazing job with not conforming in the world but transforming in the renewing of the mind. By the way, that's Romans 12:2 in the bible!

When it comes to the curves, I'm truly grateful for them. There are some positives to having a curvy body. For one, when it comes to wearing jeans, it shapes you well. The curves pop and the haters bow down! Other than that, I truly love how I look in jeans! Another positive thing about curves, its that there are amazing clothes for us! I was on Facebook the other day, and I saw a company called Dia&Co.; Dia&Co; is a customized clothing company for plus sized women which has all the styles. When I saw the clothes, I was truly amazed. The colors and the material of the clothes were truly special.

What defines beauty? Is it makeup or having a model's body? Is it buying the most expensive clothes as a statement? I'm here to tell you those are not the definitions of beauty. The true definition of beauty is acceptance. Accepting the circumstances, even if other people say so. True beauty is waking up with a smile on your face for living another day and finding your purpose in life. Beauty is being you!

To all of you curvy women out there in the world, you are truly a blessing. Thank you for standing out of the normal and taking a step to give others the courage to becoming their selves. I learned to treat my body with the utmost respect. I must learn to take care of it and embrace it at the same time. Psalms 139:14 says, "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful, I know that full well." So, Instead of me being a worried progress, God made me a working progress, because all things work together for good.

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