Closing One Door Will Always Open Another
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Closing One Door Will Always Open Another

By the time you've lost hope, new opportunities will arise.

Closing One Door Will Always Open Another

Nothing is really ever set in stone in this day and age. We live in a time period where life is constantly changing around us before we have time to adjust to the previous change. You would think by now we would all be used to it and try to find a way to adapt to life's changes as they happen, but instead we still get consistently caught off guard.

What needs to be more well understood is that these changes are nothing to be afraid of. Naturally not all of them will be positive changes--and quite frankly, if all of them were, positivity would lose its meaning. However, changes do a lot to spruce up our lives and dictate where we might go next. Sometimes we don't actually know where that might be, which is all the more exciting.

Change can be comforting but nerve wracking.

Even when you're making progress sometimes, you'll find yourself set back by things you can't control. Maybe there's a stirring within your family that causes a split at a time you were starting to feel whole again. Maybe instead you had a seemingly successful date but proceeded to get ghosted afterward, sending you back to square one.

Negativity is inconvenient, and plays a major role in dragging down our mentalities. As bad as it is, negative progress is still progress all the same and should only push to further encourage our development.

Something bad is just a sign for you to make it better.

There is no unfortunate situation that doesn't feature a glimmer of hope somewhere, waiting for you to tug on it just a little more.

In the case of a family dispute, you can seek out friends or even therapy to improve your connection with others. When a date ignores you, shake it off and start thinking about what you can do better next time with someone else and move on to a new person.

Obviously these are just two small examples of a very broad topic, but they were just some of the first ones to pop into my head as well as things I can sympathize with due to their commonality in present day and my own experiences.

However, the overall point here is still the same. Every bad experience can be twisted around into a building block for your own growth in one way or another, and once you accomplish what you were going for, you'll look back and understand why these missteps had to happen in order to get to this point.

Don't let yourself get put down by the small things, and don't get cocky with the good things. Every step of life is blind and could really go either way, so we have to keep our footing and do our best with what we're given. This means taking negativity as a chance to improve and taking positivity as something to be thankful for.

Take life at your own pace, and don't let the obstacles trip you. Prove that you've learned something from your past by not lingering on it so much in the future. Start looking for new doors in life when the ones you chased have closed, and you may find that one will open for you.

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