4 Shows and 11 Films with Compelling Coloration
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4 Shows and 11 Films with Compelling Coloration

Impressive Cinematography in Films and TV

4 Shows and 11 Films with Compelling Coloration

The use of neon or pastel lights creates a visually appealing cinematography within shows and films. The use of interesting colors can leave an audience in awe. Visually impressive cinema can boost the attraction to the plot and dynamic of its characters. It creates an intensity that compliments the thrill of the story.

Here are 4 TV shows and 11 films that created this affect for their audience. Starting with TV shows.

Euphoria (2019-current)


Euphoria follows a group of high school students with the lead being Rue Bennett (Zendaya) who struggles with drug addiction. These characters all deal with hardships and are unapologetically themselves. Everything about Euphoria is bold which is why the unique fashion and bright coloration compliments this show well. This HBO show left it's audience in awe and became iconic through it's fashion, soundtrack and cinematography.

Now Apocalypse (2019)


Although Now Apocalypse wasn't renewed for another season, it's cinematography was impressive. It follows Ulysses (Avan Jogia) and his friends living in Los Angeles in search of fame. However, Ulysses has these peculiar connections involving a dark alien conspiracy and things get weird. This show had great fashion and was incredibly out there. The coloration and cinematography matched it's bizarre plot, complimenting the story very well.

Skins-UK (2007-2013)


Although Skins(UK) was often in normal coloration, it often used neon lights for certain scenes. The teenagers in this show were constantly throwing elaborate parties and were often night owls. During these scenes, the show would use neon lights and interesting color palettes for each party or wild moment. This show was set in generations of characters and each generation went through hardships and multiple relationships. It had drama and witty British humor. The show was bold and unapologetic and used slight cinematography techniques to compliment the message.

Stranger Things (2016-current)


Stranger Things follows a group of kids and a powerful young girl. They battle with monsters and the "upside down." It's a popular thriller show that has interesting cinematography. The most recent season had a lot of interesting colorations that were bold and fit with their time period. A lot about this show is impressive from the acting, unique plot and suspense. The cinematography of the show compliments it's thrill well and has become such an iconic show.

Joker (2019)


Joker is a psychological thriller following the life of the infamous DC villain. The Joker has been one of the most vicious villains that leaves audiences questioning how he came to be this dark character. This film shows him gradually becoming the villain we know and with such a dark topic, it needed it's cinematography to match. The colorations of various neon colors especially the green hue added to his story. The film was so compelling and kept the audiences eye no matter how disturbing the plot could be. A very unique and interesting way to tell this villains story.

Neon Demon (2016)


This horror film followed a new model entering the fashion world and immediately reaching the top. She realizes slowly the dark and twisted secrets of her fellow models when they become both fascinated and dangerously jealous of her. Neon Demon is a psychological horror film that can be very dark and disturbing at times. It lives up to it's title perfectly with constant bold neon colorations that match the demonic secrets.

Closer (2004)


Closer isn't always in neon coloration, however, the film's iconic scenes are. This romantic drama follows two couple that intertwine when some are unfaithful. Leading to the two characters who were cheated on interested in each other. What made this film iconic was Natalie Portman's character's neon pink wig. This scene is in neon to compliment her attire and represent the moment between her and Clive Owen's character. Whenever these characters are together there is often some kind of bold coloration whether it be pink or blue.

Atomic Blonde (2017)


Atomic Blonde was an iconic feminist film that follows a spy who kicks ass and is unapologetically herself. She is bold and the coloration of the film matched her bravery. Blue tints and neon colors filled the frame, making it very visually appealing.

Birds of Prey (2020)


Birds of Prey follows Harley Quinn and a girl gang that go against the villain Roman. Harley Quinn is witty and bold. The other woman such as Black Canary and The Huntress are equally brave. This film is filled with bright colorations and unique fashion. The cinematography complimented all of the iconic characters and unique action scenes. It was a perfect tribute to these amazing DC females.

Moonlight (2016)


Moonlight follows a young man who is struggling through a toxic home and his sexuality. It follows him throughout childhood, adolescence and later adulthood. This film will move you with it's bittersweet moments and amazing character development as you watch what this young man goes through. The cinematography of the film adds to it's appeal. The use of neon lights compliment his story and creates intensity in certain scenes. Overall, Moonlight is an extremely compelling film.

Florida Project (2017)


Florida Project follows a young girl who is focused on her friends and getting into mischief. She lives with her young mother in a budget hotel close to Disney World, and doesn't fully notice the troubles around her. Florida Project is a bittersweet film that can still bring you to tears. The coloration of this film is in constant bright pastel colors, almost like it is representing the world in the child's eye. With this film, the cinematography actually creates a lot of meaning to the story.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)


Fear and Loathing is known to be a trippy film starring Johnny Depp. It is about a strange journalist and his lawyer who travel to Las Vegas getting into a lot of different psychedelics. The whole coloration of the film is bold and involves a lot of yellow and orange tints. The color changes depend on the intensity of the moment, complimenting the wild plot well.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)


Wes Anderson is known for his unique pastel colorations and different cinematography. It is filled with dark wit and out there characters. Although the story plot turns into a bit of a thriller, the demeanor of the film stays light and witty. To add to this idea, Anderson puts it in bold reds and pastel pinks. This film will make you laugh, captivate your eyes and leave you slightly shocked at the casual way horrid things happen.

Sorry to Bother You (2018)


Sorry to Bother You starts off calm and witty with the main character Cassius becoming a telemarketer. He becomes greedy for success and signs onto something despite the unfair way they treat people like him. However, with this film being a dark satire, things get weird. Strange wild things happen throughout the film that all represent a problem within modern society. With such an unapologetic and bold film, the cinematography matches it. Each intense scene having different colors to represent what is happening whether it be mellow or slightly disturbing.

Her (2013)


Her follows a man who just went through a breakup that left him hopeless. He finds comfort with a virtual assistant with a female voice. Throughout the film he becomes attached to this voice and starts to feel romantically towards it. The film had pastel bright colors, mostly focusing on oranges and reds. Her had a unique plot that can be seen as strange but the visuals and compelling acting of Joaquin Phoenix makes it beautiful.

All of these choices have great acting, unique plots and compelling colors. Cinematography is often as important in films as other aspects. Visuals can add to the story and it can represent the story plot. It captivates audiences visually and will leave them in awe.

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