8 Reasons 'Christmas' DOES Start On November 1st

I know people will fight me on this one, but I can promise you that if you run into me after Halloween, I am celebrating Christmas time already! Welcome to the Holiday Season, ladies and gentlemen!

1. It's the "Holiday" Season, and Christmas is a HOLIDAY!!

Merry HallowThanksMas, ladies and gentlemen... except now, Halloween is over and it's time to put up our Christmas trees and prepare for the Thanksgiving Feast!

2. The Lights!

There's nothing more beautiful than Christmas lights reflecting on the snow. Well, except for the fact that in Mississippi we don't really get that much snow, but that's beside the point! While your neighborhood Christmas Light show that's synced to music may not start until after Thanksgiving, it's never too early to start trimming your own house in preparation and joy!

3. And all the College Kids said, "THANKSGIVING BREAK!"

I can tell you the one thing on every college student's mind right now: Thanksgiving Break. We are dying for it to get here so we can have our well-deserved break. We want classes to be suspended for a while and to be home with our families. However, I can tell you that we REALLY want Thanksgiving Break because that means Winter/Christmas Break is right behind it!

4. It's time for Evergreens, y'all. 

Fall has come, and the leaves are falling. The leaves are beautiful, but I think we can all agree that there's nothing quite like the smell of Cedar filling our houses {and hearts.}

5. Christmas Music is now Socially Acceptable

There's nothing quite like a Christmas song to come on in your car on your way to school or work to warm your heart and brighten your mood. Christmas music is happy, and being happy is the most important thing in all of life.

6. Family Time

There's nothing like Christmas time to bring a family together! Matching pajamas, presents, and just being together make the Christmas season what it is. There's so many perks to Christmas and the entire holiday season, but being with your family definitely ranks pretty high on the list.

7. It's Jesus's Season

The real reason of the season of Christmas is often lost under Santa Claus and the Elves, but Christmas is really all about the birth of Jesus, and that's something we should celebrate year-round.

8. It's the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year!

There's no doubt about it. Christmas is simply the most wonderful time of the year. It's beautiful, bright, and happy. It gives people a sense of joy and hope. The movies are amazing, the music is delightful, and being with your family is just the most beautiful thing that this world can offer.

Christmas should be celebrated year-round (and maybe I listen to the music year round... don't judge,) and since it's officially November, we can do it without shame! Let your pride show Christmas lovers- and if you need any help decorating your tree, hit me up!

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