Why I Chose To Vote Red.
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Why I Chose To Vote Red.

Do not read if you get easily offended or can't respect people's opinion.

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I feel like there are some things as a young Republican woman I need to get off my chest. Yes, last night was Election night, and yes as many of you probably know by now Donald Trump won. I voted for him. No, I am not racist. No, I do not condone sexism. And no, I do not judge you for voting your choice.

As a first time voter, I was in very much of a dilemma based on the fact that I was left to pick between Trump and Hillary. But I did my research, and I chose to vote red. I feel personally victimized as a Republican that just because I voted for a nominee I agree with all of his viewpoints. I don’t like that as a young woman I am personally victimized and attacked because I supported Trump. I don't like reading everybody's posts talking about how disappointed in Americans they are. And I especially don’t like that when I say that I voted for Trump that I am immediately racist, against gays, hate Muslims, and whatever else people decide to throw my way. Get this, I voted for Trump to go AGAINST HILLARY. Yes, that’s right, against her.

I voted for Trump because just like many others, I am so sick of polished politicians saying whatever they feel we want to hear and then doing nothing about it. Trump came in and it was a whole different ball game. It was refreshing having someone tell you like it is, having someone tell you all these things that are wrong with our government and not caring, it was nice having someone just express and sympathize with us that he knew where us MIDDLE-CLASS PEOPLE came from even though he is a billionaire and… stating ways to actually fix it.

I voted for Trump because he promised to repeal Obamacare. Do you know how much people are paying come tax season for Obamacare that isn’t even a good system? There is NOTHING good about Obamacare. With Hillary, she was just going to keep it and “fix” the problems in it when the whole thing, in general, is a problem.

I voted for Trump because his economic plan is actually proven to give us more jobs in America, his plan is to get coal-miners back, and help oil rigs actually start drilling again (yay, Dad). He plans on helping America get out of debt (as much as he can because we’re in a lot of it).

I voted for Trump because Trump actually never said that gays were going to lose their rights. He actually stated that your sexual orientation has nothing to do with you work ethic or who you are as a person and there’s no need in firing you, he never said he was going to choose “whites” over “blacks”, and get this, Trump actually stated that he believed in promoting gender equality in male-dominated industries.

I voted for Trump because he promises to strengthen border control. No, hopefully, he doesn't actually try building a wall (despite his stupid remarks to do so), but actually just strengthening regulations. To actually take the time and do background checks and make sure that the people crossing the border don’t hate America and don’t try to kill us by being secret radical terrorists. Not all Muslims are bad and I do not think so one bit. But we have to get ahold of border control before it all gets out of hand and another terrorist attack occurs with the hundreds that already have.

I voted for Trump because unlike Hillary, he didn’t delete thousands of emails that were on a private server and crucial to the Benghazi case. Trump didn’t leave four of our American’s for dead by ignoring their pleas for help and just going to bed. And in court, Trump didn’t say the words “why does it matter”.

I voted for Trump because he promises to uphold our second amendment, he respects our police and our vets that really are not getting enough appreciation in today’s society, and because no matter what happened Trump always made it a point to thank them for their service.

I voted for Trump because WikiLeaks proved that Hillary not only rigged the primaries and threw poor old Bernie out, but she also cheated in the first debate by getting questions told to her and giving them specific ideas on what to ask. WikiLeaks also proved that Hillary staged all of the violence that occurred at Trump rallies and that SHE, yes that’s right, SHE paid those people to cause violence so she could portray Trump as a bully and a bigot.

I however, did not vote Trump for the simple fact that I am uneducated, racist, anti-gay, anti- other religions and want nothing but the worst things for them. No, so do not come at me with that. There were more LEGAL and MORAL reasons as to why I chose not to vote for Hillary than there were her actual beliefs.

Trump has won this election because there are many people like me who think the feel the same way. But, if you, however, felt the need to vote for Hillary because you just couldn’t accept Trump, that is fine. I am a mature adult and understand that everybody has different opinions. And here’s something even more mature… I will accept it (gasp) yes I know, so shocking. If you voted Hillary, so what. You chose who you thought would be the best leader.

If Hillary had gotten elected, yes, I would’ve been so upset because she wasn’t who I had voted for. Would I go as far as to say, burn our American flags? No. I would not protest her, I would not run through the streets yelling derogatory terms towards her and I would not act like a fool. I would simply go on with my life because rioting and acting that way gets you nowhere but dividing the world more than it already is, and in my opinion (which means something according to people who want you to vote) it’s not Trump’s fault the world is divided. It’s ours.

So with that being said, YES I voted for Trump, yes I accept it, and yes I hope it works out in our favor. I think it’s time that Americans stop acting so entitled and riot and act like fools when they don’t get their way. The election has come and gone, Trump has won. Accept it. The only thing now that can stop the divide is us coming together and quit making things about race and hatred and rebellion against others. Because guess what, we’re doing it to ourselves. Just love one another and accept that people have different ideas and opinions. Be thankful for the life you live and be thankful for another day, people. That’s all you have to do… because in the end, we still live in America and have way more freedom than any country and Trump only wants to make it great again (sorry I had to). Just remember, no matter who is president... Jesus is King and he owns the throne.

With love,

A die-hard republican female.

Disclaimer: All of the facts in this article were fact checked at http://www.ontheissues.org/Donald_Trump.htm :)

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