Choosing the right friends

Choosing the right friends

Having the right support groups


We've all had different types of friends in our lives there are those that have been with us since we were kids, some that we met through high school, college, another friends social group etc. No matter what we can always have a plethora of friends in this world, and have as big of a support system outside of our families and that' great. However, we sometimes forget the importance of quality friendships when it comes to us as humans, especially when we want to feel a sense of family outside of our own when we're far away from them, or when some of our own families doesn't give the support or love we need.

Picking the right friends in your life can be a hard thing to shift through, and an even harder thing to get right the first time. Sometimes we have the right friends in our life from the get-go as soon as we meet, or other times it takes a lot of trial and errors in finding those friends which causes us to be cautious and tread lightly. Having quality friends isn't just a matter of how long you've been with them, but really how accepting and loving they are about you as an individual and being there for you when the going gets tough no matter what it is, and giving you the best advice for you so you can grow as a person.

As someone who has a lot of friends, I often times try my best to allocate my time to those in my life that I feel that I didn't hangout enough or nurture a better relationship with. Over the years I started to worry less about the number of friends I have somewhat to only worrying about needing quality people in my life no matter how big or small my friend group is. I have more than a few best friends in my life. 4 in my fraternity that I am currently a part of, another 4 that I've knownsince my freshman year of college that are not in the same fraternity as me, 11 from being a part of O-Team at Eastern Michigan last year, 1 that I hangout with from time to time plus a solid amount of good people that I surround myself by whether I hangout with them, see them out and about or otherwise. Even though I got a numerous amount of friends, I also know the importance of gaining quality people in my life that I surround myself by.

I try to surround myself with people that I know will love me for me and accept me for me, to be surrounded by positive people in my life and in turn gaining not only another friend but one I know will push me to be a better person each and every day. Surrounding yourself with the right people takes time, realization of who you really want in your life and getting that really know that person, or group that you're a part of. I wouldn't trade anything for the friends that I have in my life, that pushed me to be better and give me a chance to see something in myself that I don't normally see. Having people in your life is great, but having great positive, and amazing people in your life is even better no matter how big or small it is.

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If You Have A Project You Want To Grow, Crowdfunding May Be The Answer

The benefits of the crowdfunding phenomenon.


The idea of crowdfunding is exciting, isn't it? A small town poet can use a platform like GoFundMe or Patreon to sell their work directly to those who are looking for it. A community organizer can not only raise funds for an upcoming event, but they can also keep the funds coming in to raise money for the monthly expenses of running their group. A magazine editor can keep their readership engaged through multimedia as well as tangible perks in exchange for tiers of subscription costs.

Crowdfunding makes it so people can combine multiple engagement styles directly with target audiences for a common cause.

What really makes crowdfunding satisfying is getting monetary confirmation that what one is passionate about is supported. Money rules a lot of the world, and receiving money for creating or providing something for others is extremely fulfilling. Different than just going to work and earning a paycheck. Jobs employ workers to create or provide something that has already had a template of origination.

Crowdfunding is running one's own business of creation or providing goods without a bunch of the red tape. In fact, one could say that crowdfunding has allowed sites like Etsy to flourish. One can now make a pretty decent profit just making pins, Mickey ears, necklaces — whatever one can imagine — and get it directly in eyes of those interested. There's nothing to lose in crowdfunding, just the hour or so it may or may not take to set up the site.

Crowdfunding can also be used for temporary things like school funds, funeral funds, and recovery efforts. Need $10,000 to get through a semester at college? Have a sudden death in the family and need $5,000 to pay closing costs and unexpected expenses? Major world disaster like a hurricane or tsunami destroy an entire majorly populated area? GoFundMe is your answer. You'll most likely get twice as much funds then the goal you set.

There's now many crowdfunding sites out there. Outside of GoFundMe, the three biggies are Patreon, Indiegogo, and Kickstarter. So take your pick, make your page, and get some money!

And just in case you're wondering, yes I do have crowdfunding efforts out there for my projects! One for my personal writings, and one for my magazine.

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Being Yourself Should Never Be Hard, But It's A Challenge For All Of Us

We are on this earth to put our own unique print in it, not to have the same print as everyone else.


Being yourself is a battle we're all struggling with each and every day. We try to maneuver our way through life figuring out which side of us is actually our true selves. Even if it means losing a few people in our lives in the process. Going through life as I did, I struggled with the idea of what it means to being my honest, authentic self and figuring out what that means for me in terms of what I want to do, who I want to be with, who I want in my life and what I want from life.

Being our true authentic selves is taking us to a place where we don't fall prey to the standards of what this world puts on us. Where being us doesn't mean falling in line with what everyone thinks is cool to do, or what society thinks but most importantly what we think about ourselves and how we interact with the world. I wish sometimes that I was myself throughout my life, but I wasn't I was so worried about what others think that I didn't give much thought to my own happiness with myself and who or what I want in my life.

Being myself has been something I've been struggling with for a long time, with me being black I had a feeling of being an outsider within the black community, of worrying what I need to like or don't like since I'm black, how I'm supposed to sound, etc. I've really struggled with that part of my identity till I came to college and made the friends I have made, and being on this journey of knowing myself, loving myself and being myself no matter what.

We are on this earth to put our own unique print in it, not to have the same print as everyone else. We are unique individuals that deserve to be loved for who we truly are, not what is expected of us in how we are supposed to do, speak, or live. Being ourselves is what helps this world see how amazing it could be if we looked past the labels, the expectations, the masks, and truly see what people are. We are not robots designed to be the same, we are humans designed to be different, to be loving, bold, imaginative, brave, determined, accepting of one another.

We are so focused on pleasing one another that we sometimes forget to please ourselves, and what we want from life as well. Sometimes this world is cruel and stops us from being unique and different. We are forces of nature that give life to the very ground we stand on, and give each other reasons to keep pushing on and be unapologetically real with not only ourselves but with each other as well.

It is easier said than done in this trip we call life, we sometimes get lost, get to the destination we're excited for, make friends along the way, and make memories that will last a lifetime all in the while making sure we don't lose ourselves in the process and enjoying more of the journey than the destination.

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