Should You Watch 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'?
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Your Childhood Self Would Be Disappointed If You Didn't Watch 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,' Just Saying

There's a new witch in town you need to get to know ASAP.

Your Childhood Self Would Be Disappointed If You Didn't Watch 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,' Just Saying

I love "Riverdale," and I also tend to love Halloween and all things spooky. So when I heard about "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," I got very excited. The older show ended when I was about three years old, so while I was aware of it, and had seen some episodes, I didn't have the same connection to it that people just 10 years older than me did.

I know there were lots of people who were upset that the new show wouldn't be taking the same lighthearted tone as the original, but the newer show is based on a more recent comic line that deals with much darker elements.

Well, let's get straight into the review:

I honestly love this show so much. The trailers that were released mainly showcase the first couple of the episodes of the show, so there's a lot that viewers don't know going into the show. As many of you may know, the show opens with Sabrina preparing for her 16th birthday and her Dark Baptism, in which she'll sign her name in the Devil's book and become a full-fledged witch, leaving behind her mortal life.

This is something that's very clearly expected of her, both of her aunts make it clear that they are confident that Sabrina will go through with the baptism, and even Sabrina seems to feel trapped in the idea.

But that's one of the best things I love about this character. She trusts her gut, and she fights for her right to choose. Some part of her feels extremely uneasy at the thought of signing her name in the book, and she trusts herself, and that feeling.

Too many times we see characters go through with things that end up harming them, all because it was expected of them to do so. But Sabrina wants to make the choice that's best for her, even if it means embarrassing her aunts.

In addition, she challenges the idea that she has to choose a side. She grew up in the mortal world, so why should she have to give that up? And if her dad, a warlock, was able to marry her mom, a human, then why is it such taboo for witches and humans to have any sort of relations? These are some of the questions we see Sabrina throw in the face of witch authority, and when she's given wishy-washy answers, she sets out to find answers for herself.

The way she cares for her friends is seriously amazing. The things we see her do for her friends proves that she would go to hell and back if it meant protecting them, even if she hurt herself in the process. The thing is Sabrina isn't going to put herself in danger just because she's told to, but she will put her life on the line to defend her friends.

I'm trying not to spoil too much of the plot, and it's really hard because the show exceeds any expectations that I had for it. Sabrina is the character that I did not know I needed, and I'm sure others resonate with her just as much as I do. So, if you haven't seen "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" yet, what are you waiting for?

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