The Superlative Award Each Minor 'Parks And Rec' Character Would Win

"Parks And Recreation" is well known for having some of the most... unique reoccurring characters in TV history and we all know there is nothing in this world that better encapsulates the special side of humanity quite like an award show.

So without further ado, here are the awards the weirdos of Pawnee, Indiana deserve to win.

The Absolute Worst: Marcia Langman


This woman just can't get behind anything. If the world doesn't have centaur paintings and the Twilight books in the time capsule, what does the world have?

Most Annoying Pranks: Greg Pikitus


Stupid little Pikitus and his stupid little peach pits!

Worst Best Friend: Lindsay Carlisle Shea


Who in the world would actually want to be friends with Eagleton Princess, Lindsay Carlisle Shea? Nobody, that's who.

Most Confusing Spouse: Gayle Gergich


How? Does anyone understand?

Worst Government Employee: Tammy 1


Ladies, do not accuse your ex husbands of tax fraud, just don't.

Most Likely To Actually Be A Slug: Tammy 2


Tammy the punk-ass book jockey could easily be a serpent in disguise. She's rotten to the core.

Stomach Of Steel: Tammy Swanson, The OG Tammy


The way Ron's mom can chug that Swanson family rocket fuel is utterly astonishing and must have taken centuries of conditioning... that deserves an award.

Most Unfit To Host A Television Show: Joan Callamezzo


Who let this crazy woman on the set? Oh, she's the host? my bad, my bad.

Best Television Host Of All Time: Perd Hapley


"Ya Heard" it here first, folks!

Best Party Presence: Mona Lisa Saperstein


There's no denying that Mona Lisa knows how to be the life of the party, but whether that's a gift or a curse is up for debate.

Most Likely To Get Run Over By A Lexus: Jean-Ralpheo Saperstein


Everyone has to make their money somehow, right?

Most Likely To Run For Office: Joe Biden



Kindest Heart: Lil' Sebastian


Rest in peace, little prince. You truly were 5000 candles in the wind.

Best Grammar: Shauna Malwae-Tweep


She's like the only journalist in the town, so I can only assume her grammar is superb.

Web MD's Go To Expert: Dr. Richard Nygard


Dr. Richard Nygard is LITERALLY the best doctor around... and possibly one of the only doctors around.

Most Likely To Be Banned From Web MD: Jeremy Jamm


Someone gave this man permission to be an orthodontist and honestly, I just want to talk. Don't even get me started on the whole councilman thing.

So there we have it, a perfect trophy given to all of the Pawnee People.

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