I came across this topic when I was scrolling through Twitter and saw a thread on how to 'not cheat.' Okay, well I didn't know that men/boys lacked the common knowledge on not to cheat. Granted the thread had some very good points and was helpful, but it is sad how people need to be told not to cheat.

Have we lacked the common decency to respect our significant other enough to NOT sleep with other people? However, simply sleeping with someone isn't even cheating anymore. One can cheat in so many ways, so now I think, has cheating gotten worse?

Well duh. Now it's uncommon to say that you haven't cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend. In Psychology Today, the 4th reason as to why relationships fail is because of affairs. We just don't know how to keep it in our pants. My first relationship ended on the spot once I found out my boyfriend had cheated on me and that tore me apart.

No reasoning can justify cheating. "Being drunk" means nothing. Being drunk can NOT make you have brand new desires, it only enhances the desires you've had all along. I don't mean that you've been wanting to cheat on your significant other blatantly, but maybe you've been unhappy and want something different. Being drunk and sleeping with someone is the change that you've been wanting but won't admit to yourself.

Cheating on someone doesn't just end the relationship. You completely screw up that person's way of thinking. The way they view relationships, love, and their self-esteem. They think over and over as to why you might have hurt them in that way or what they could have done to make it different.

This topic has been said several times over the years, but cheating is still wrong. Having a side hoe is still wrong. Texting another girl/boy while in a relationship is wrong. Intentionally flirting is wrong. Why do we still feel the need to educate people on that? When did we lack the common sense as adults to see clearly and think about others?

Open relationships, I believe is just an excuse to cheat guilt-free, but that's a topic that needs to be saved for another time. At the end of this article, cheating is wrong, and today's generation seems to deem it okay for one boy or girl to be in a relationship and still sleep around or 'talk' to other people. Yes, I am shaming you for that. Don't stay in an unhappy relationship and still search for happiness elsewhere.