What is ChatGPT and What Can We Expect From It Moving Forward?​​
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What is ChatGPT and What Can We Expect From It Moving Forward?​​

This newly, innovative chatbot has been the talk of the town, read on to see how it will change the way we view communication.

What is ChatGPT and What Can We Expect From It Moving Forward?​​

This is a response to "We Need To Put Our Health Before Anything Else".

We are encapsulated by our digital world. More conversations are happening over texts, snapchats, tweets, Instagram DMs, and Facebook messages rather than in person. One would think that we have had enough and seen it all but we seem to only test the boundaries further. A lot of people, including myself, are looking for a digital detox. A mental health exercise that allows us to ditch our digital devices and flee to the living world around us for an escape. We try and escape reality with our technology but now we need the latter. We immerse ourselves in our devices to get away from the world when in true actualization we need to be doing the opposite. We need to be escaping the digital lull and get back to simpler living.

But as time ticks on, we continue to revolutionize the way we communicate and connect as the modern society we are. ChatGPT continues to prove that theory.

ChatGPT is part of a larger model of machine learning known as Large Language Models (LLMs). What do LLMs do may you ask? They take in large quantities of data and infer the connection of words within the text. The power of the LLMs system increases as computational power grows and datasets gain more knowledge.

So what can ChatGPT do? The user will type a prompt like "What is the best tasting coffee?" and the system will generate a response to that question. You can ask it questions, to write poems, type an essay or get it to give someone a general statement. But be warned, Chat GPT is going off artificial intelligence and not common sense. It recognizes patterns in texts but could be faulty with error.

Currently, 100 million monthly users use the platform with 30 million people using ChatGPT daily. Right now it is free to use, but, if one wants a faster chat experience they offer a paid version. People in the business world are utilizing this software for all sorts of uses like customer service, content creation, and much more.

It is neat to see how far we have come with technology but we warned, ChatGPT is still a product of our obsession with technology. Take time to be creative and come up with your own stories, thoughts, and ideas. A chatbot will never replicate a human mind.

If you want try ChatGPT, check out the link here!

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