10 Conservatives Every College Conservative Should Follow On Twitter

10 Conservatives Every College Conservative Should Follow On Twitter

From one college conservative to another.

Being a conservative on a college campus is one of the most terrifying experiences. Speaking up in class could get you stares, a bad grade, or worse, even sent to the administration. There is a lot more of us on college campuses than one might think, but that does not make it any easier to speak our thoughts in a crowd of liberals.

To help defend yourself and keep you updated on important issues that might get thrown at you, here are 10 conservatives you should be following on Twitter to help your days go a bit smoother (with some added humor here and there).

1. Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro)

Editor in Cheif at The Daily Wire, along with being the host of his own show, "The Ben Shapiro Show," Ben Shapiro has all the knowledge someone might need when it comes to defending conservative issues. You might be familiar with the phrase, originally coined by him, "Facts don't care about your feelings." He is incredibly intelligent on a wide variety of topics, and works with young conservatives all across college campuses, delivering speeches and empowering them to always stand up for what they believe is right (so long as it is backed by facts).

2. Steven Crowder (@scrowder)

Host of his own show, "Louder With Crowder," Steven Crowder is most recently known for his viral segments called, "Change My Mind." Crowder goes around to different college campuses and public spaces and sits down to have real and authentic talks with people who are not crazed by mob mentality at marches. Crowder also does a wide amount of political statements through comedy, which can reach a younger base such as cross-dressing to go test Planet Fitness's policy on transgender people.

3. Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog)

Writer for The Daily Wire, Matt Walsh gives the Catholic approach to many political issues in today's society. While some people find him a bit extreme, he does not seem to really care and stands strong in what he believes. Walsh does a great job at showing people why Catholics should fall to be more conservative, and how Catholics should view and interpret different political stances in our American Government today.

4. Kassy Dillon (@KassyDillon)

Kassy Dillon is the founder of the online website Lone Conservative. She also contributes to Campus Reform, The Hill, The Daily Wire, and many others. Kassy is one of the most amazing conservative leaders for women today. She takes absolute pride in her work, Israel, and her passion for college conservatives to have a voice on campus. She is open to civil dialogue, and loves a good twitter thread or two.

5. Lone Conservative (@LoConservative)

Naturally, to follow Kassy Dillon is her very own start-up Lone Conservative. Lone Conservative was created by a college student for college students. That is why it is named "Lone Conservative." It is for all of the conservatives on college campuses who feel like they are entirely alone in their views. It is a great site for opinion pieces and some news, from actual college contributors.

6. The Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion)

The Reagan Battalion is a news source with a conservative perspective to it. While this falls into a more news and business type category, The Reagan Battalion is incredibly interactive with their followers and is great for getting information and knowing where conservatives like yourself would typically stand on these issues. It is a great source for information.

7. Austen Fletcher (@fleccas)

Best known for his viral internet videos "Fleccas Talks," Fletcher gives a comedic spin to finding out the Lefts ideas and stances by going out into the crowds of their marches and interviewing people. He is great for opinions and funny jokes on certain issues that he just finds outrageously ridiculous. If you are looking for a good laugh, but also informative videos watch some "Fleccas Talks."

8. Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11)

Founder and Executive Director of Turning Point USA (TPUSA), Charlie Kirk is just another landmark conservative that everyone must follow. One of his biggest platforms is supporting capitalism and conservatism among college campuses. He does just this through his organization TPUSA. Ever seen a "Socialism Sucks" or "Big Government Sucks" pin on someone's book bag or a sticker on their computer, you have him to thank for it.

9. Turning Point USA (@TPUSA)

One again, naturally, Charlie Kirk's successful organization must follow him on this list of must follow accounts. TPUSA is a big organization on college campuses the supports capitalism and small government. It influences thousands of college students a year and is a great way to get involved while also advocating for things you believe in.

10. Tomi Lahren (@TomiLahren)

Everyone is most likely exhausted of hearing her name, but we have to give Tomi some credit! Tomi is a Fox News contributor, and is most widely known for her highly opinionated "Final Thoughts." While she can seem a bit intense from time to time and can say some things not everyone agrees with, I have to give her credit because she was one of the first conservative women I looked up to when I started to become more involved in politics. Tomi knows what she is saying, and thinks more about reason and sticks true to herself.

Everyone has their own list of people they think are the best, these are mine. They have been the most influential to me, and I hope they can be influential to you as well. Being conservative is not always the easiest thing in college, but together we can all work to make America pretty awesome.

Cover Image Credit: Fox

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He’s Not My President, And I’m Sorry That He’s Yours

I refuse to acknowledge him as "my" president, he doesn't deserve it.


It's been about two years since Donald Trump has officially taken office and became your president. I say "your" because he is not my president and I refuse to acknowledge him as such. I refuse to associate this man with one of the most powerful titles because he does not uphold the standards of what it means to be president. Donald Trump is a failed businessman, WrestleMania participant, and T.V. personality, but he is no president.

In the past, we've elected leaders whose ideas and vision for this nation didn't align with mine, but Donald Trump is another kind of malevolence that I refuse to believe runs the United States of America. Go ahead, call me all the names in the book; snowflake, libtard, or whatever your petty, little heart desires—your president still incompetent and runs his platform based off of false hope, an abundance of lies, and a xenophobic agenda.

This man single-handedly fooled an entire group of people that the United States was going to build a wall at the southern-most border (as if there isn't already a wall there) to keep out "criminals" (undocumented immigrants fleeing their country in order to survive) and said Mexico was going to pay for it (which they never did and never will.) This entire plan was flawed from the beginning; it was founded upon hate and pure ignorance. I hate to break it to you, but this country was founded upon immigrants and that's never going to change.

Your president even had a temper tantrum and shut down the government for 35 days, he doesn't care about the citizens of this nation, and to be quite frank, he never did in the first place. He never will unless it benefits him in some way. We're talking about the same man who addresses woman like their objects, views minorities like criminals, opposition for the LGBTQ community, makes a mockery of disabled people, honestly, the list can go on and on. What makes you genuinely believe he cares about you?

President's Day was initially created to celebrate George Washington's Birthday but eventually was adapted to commemorate the presidency as a whole somewhere along the line. So this President's Day, as we reflect upon your President's legacy for what he's created thus far, I'm sorry. I'm not sorry he'll be remembered as one of the worst presidents to go down in history and I can't wait until this nightmare is over.

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