There Are No Guns In The Middle East
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There Are No Guns In The Middle East

Guns meet terrorism. It is ALL perspectives.

There Are No Guns In The Middle East
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With the nature of “piety and impiety” being subjective ideals, all things in this world have positive, and alike negative components. To some, this may be common sense. It may seem natural to assume there is no universal good, for there is no universal law. Nevertheless, some people have come to find their opinions superior. Some people have come to decide that what they find to be “just” should be, and is, universally “just." But does pure, absolute goodness exist? If something were to be solely pious, would we see it to be?

Let us use water as an example. As we have come to know, water is key to human survival. Surely, water must be all good? Water keeps us, the plants around us and the animals we coexist with alive. In other words, water is our absolute means to survival. However, some people have lost their lives to water. Some have drowned in water, some have drunk too much water, and perhaps, while they still recognize water as a need, they do not see water as good, nor pious - they see it as water.

This may be an interesting approach to commence a discussion, as controversial as the one regarding guns and terrorism, but it is all connected.

It’s all perspective.

The second amendment of the United States of America states that Americans have “the right to bear arms." On that same note, millions of Americans across the country buy guns, for several purposes such as protection, hunting and so on. This is part of our constitution, we (Americans) CAN buy guns, thus making it just to own guns, and in some places, use guns. But over the past 10 years, our country has experienced nothing short of devastation. From Sandy Hook to the recent attack in Orlando, we have had mass shootings - lives taken, families disturbed, all at the hands of guns. Regardless of where we place the blame, guns were designed to kill. The guns are what are killing our people, and it seems like it would be almost natural, common sense for legislators to abolish them! Yet, once again it is our RIGHT to bear arms. Whether our right, is right... now that is the question. Several Americans will shake their heads or riot in response to the idea of abolishing guns, for the truth of the matter is the majority do not use their guns to kill.

Let’s stop right here and switch gears.

The first amendment in the Constitution of the United States of America grants ALL Americans the right to practice any religion, and PROHIBITS any laws impeding exercising any religion. There are hundreds of recognized, and many more unknown religions, present and practiced in America, Islam being one of the many. Billions of people across the world, and millions in America alone have found conviction in Prophet Muhammad, and found love and peace in Islam. Americans have the RIGHT to exercise their faith in Islam. Unfortunately, an uproar of extremist values pulled from a radicalized sector of Islam has shed some negative light on the religion as a whole. This extremist group known as “ISIS” has caused severe harm to people all over the world, including Americans. This has made many people and even political figures jump to say we should kick all Muslims out of the United States due to their supposed “threat." This makes many Muslims and non-Muslims alike raise their eyebrows, for the majority of Muslim people are amazing, peaceful people.

Oh, the irony...

Some people find joy from guns. They find guns to be an absolute good. Others have felt the violence and negative outcome of the guns. They wish to abolish guns.

Some people prescribe their faith, and lives to Islamic ideologies. They find their beliefs to be an absolute good. Others have felt violence from extremists. They wish to abolish all Muslims from America.

Some people find water as an absolute good, for it is their means of survival. Others have felt negative effects caused by water. While they must still drink water, they perceive it differently.

Once again, It is all perspective.

I was born in Royal Oak, Michigan. I moved to Portland, Oregon, then to Naperville, Illinois, then to Irvine, California and have resided in the Orange County area since. I am pridefully and ignorantly a product of Orange County. We have more gun control in California, and are almost one of the most diverse states, I’d say. My neighbors are Muslims, my grandma was Muslim, and they are all amazing. On the other hand, up until a month ago I had never seen a physical gun, and the only exposure I have to guns is their relevance in the news and media with gang violence, terrorism and shootings.

A month ago, I visited one of my best friends in Wyoming. Completely contrary to California, Wyoming is an extremely conservative state. People in Wyoming love guns, and shooting around is some peoples' favorite past time. A lot of people in Wyoming are also blind to diversity. I am Iranian by heritage, but I get away with racist comments due to my white complexion. Observing the things people would say about what was going on in the news, and about Muslims period, internally pulled me apart - I kept my mouth shut.

On one of the days during my visit, my friend took me out to one of the open spaces in Wyoming. When we arrived, she popped the trunk and there lied two pistols and clay disks. This is what was planned for the day. This is what was supposed to be “fun." I stared at the gun with goosebumps up and down my body as I watched her and all her friends pick up the pistol, throw up clay disks and sing along the country music in the background. I immediately understood. It was all understanding. Or, you know... perspective.

I just hoped they would understand mine.

They urged me to try it out, and for the experience I did. But the second my finger pulled the trigger, I felt the impact of what seemed like the “toy” I was playing with. One mistake, and something, someone, could be dead. I was holding a firearm. I was holding a weapon. My perspective was different.

I understand the ramification of guns. I also see the devastation created by extremists. But we cannot continue to yell at each other. Bigotry must end. We, the majority, are not the problem - it is the minority. Respectful gun owners and proud Muslims make the exact same argument, but what is bigger than the argument is the concept - no one is right. All things have good and bad, positives and negatives, the way you perceive what you do is due to the life you have led. People will be different from you, some even opposed.

I urge you to seek an understanding, perhaps a perspective other than your own. You cannot hate people for not believing in what you do.

Never forget, some people fear their own means to survival - it is all perspective.

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