Our society is greatly suffering from the increasing dependency on technology. We are losing vital social and living skills because we are so quick to ask Siri than figure the problem out ourselves. Although some companies have put in effort in raising awareness to this problem, such as the “No texting while driving commercials," it is not enough. During an age when technology is what keeps us connected, are we really interacting with each other, or are we becoming a real life virtual reality game? Here are 10 ways that technology has actually taken us two steps back, instead of one step forward.

1. During social gatherings, everyone resorts to staring at their phone. Social engagement and talking to one another is minimal compared to how often people check Instagram and Snapchat on their phones.

2. People are glued to their phones and can’t leave the house without it. Leaving their phone at home even causes anxiety for some.

3. Texting while driving… enough said.

4. Sleep patterns are disrupted by constant exposure to the bright screens on IPhones, laptops, TVs, and tablets.

5. Navigation is becoming impossible to do without the use of technology. Using a map sounds barbaric.

6. Information is at our fingertips, giving kids in school easy access to cheating.

7. Physical books are becoming outdated and left in the dust by e-books and audio books. Bookstores such as Borders are going out of business.

8. Cyber bullying and sexual predator activity is reaching new lengths. As technology grows, so does the means by which predators and bullies can target their victim.

9. People’s jobs are being replaced by high tech computers.

10. People’s attitudes, in general, are becoming more impatient and entitled. If it isn’t here right now, then it’s inconvenient.

Although the advancements in technology have been some of the greatest achievements to date, it has also had some major setbacks. Technology is stunting many of our social skills, making it incredibly hard for people to socialize without their phones or the presence of some type of technology. When TV was first invented, it helped bring people together. Now, TVs and different technological gadgets are bringing people together and pulling them apart, simultaneously. People during this day in age need to relearn how to socialize with one another and live without the constant influence of phones, TV, and technology. How sad is it to see a group of friends together, sitting around the couch, yet no one is talking to one another. Put down the phone and talk to one another. Memories can’t be made on an app, but they can be made in person.