Changing Weather and Your Favorite Fall Sweater

Changing Weather and Your Favorite Fall Sweater

How autumn’s best qualities make their way into your wardrobe.

Look around you -- the season is changing. Leaves are turning from vibrant greens to deep reds and mustard yellows. Passion fruit tea becomes the oh-so-popular PSL, and floral dresses become chunky knit sweaters and plaid-patterned blanket scarves. Many people claim autumn to be the best season, and everyone has their reasoning -- it builds up the excitement for the holidays, the weather turns crisp, or there’s no better time to curl up with a cup of coffee and a good book. My reasoning is this: the colors and sights of autumn quickly and quietly trickle into the closets of the masses, the way salted caramel mochas trickle into my favorite mug.

Autumn is an innovative time for outfitting, and many of the trendiest fashions are inspired by fall associations. Here’s a few examples.

1. The Blanket Scarf and Changing Leaves

(American Eagle)

2. Ankle Boots and Mochas


3. Long-sleeved Dresses and Clear Blue Skies


4. Chunky Knit Sweaters and Decorative Pumpkins


5. Leggings and Cool Night Skies

(American Eagle)

6. Knit Socks and S’mores


No matter what your favorite part about fall is, fashion inspiration is on every sidewalk laced in fallen leaves. What will you wear this season?

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Cover Image Credit: College Fashion

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5 Things You'll Only Get If You're An Only Child

Here are a few of the unique experiences that come with being the youngest and oldest child in your family.


Being an only child gives you some rather unique perspectives about life. While some might think it's a lonely and solemn experience, being an only child has it's perks.

1. You talk to yourself, like, a LOT.

If you're an only child and have ever been concerned by your ability to carry on deep conversations with yourself, just know that you're not alone. First of all, everyone talks to themselves, and anyone who claims not to is most likely lying. Second, when you grow up without siblings to bounce your ideas off of or to help you make sense of your emotions you're on your own to carve out an understanding of the things.

2. Your parents are a little overprotective

One thing you realize as you get older is that if you don't have any brothers or sisters, your parents may have been a just a little overprotective. Without any older children to set the standard for what is and isn't acceptable, your parents may have sheltered you out of fear of giving you too much freedom. While their undivided attention is nice in most situations, it's definitely unwelcome when you want to start dating.

3. You're not fond of sharing.

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4. You don't mind being alone

Another aspect of growing up as an only child is learning how to play alone when you're little and being comfortable in your solitude later on in life. While parents are grateful for this trait when their children are young, as you get older you'll come to value it more as well. Going to new places and events by yourself doesn't intimidate you the way it does to some people for the simple fact that you're used to. While it is nice to bring friends with you on adventures, there certain things best experienced alone.

5. Getting ALL the presents for Christmas

Arguably the best part of life as an only child is Christmas. When you're the only one your parent have to spend money on - excuse me, the only child in your family that Santa has to bring presents to- you rack up.

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