As a college student we face so many daily uncertainties. Unfortunately, our love life can be one of them. It's so hard to tell if that person you've been crushing on is looking for a future with you or if they are looking for something else. If your crush does all or most of these things, they may not be ready for commitment.

1. They don't text back.

If your partner has waited hours or even days to respond to a text (or just choose not to respond at all) it could be because the commitment it takes to send a response is a bit too much for them.

2. They take their time to make plans.

If your crush waits until a week prior to ask you to the dance or makes you wait for an acceptance to yours, it's quite possible that the idea of committing to a special occasion with a special someone was just too hard to swallow. Instead, they took their sweet time.

3. They shy away from labels.

If you've been "talking" to the same person for months with little to no talk of dreaded labels, they could be afraid to put that "boyfriend/girlfriend" stamp on things. Saying they belong to someone and are officially responsible for helping make someone else happy may not be their thing.

4. They start fights or try to "end things" for no reason.

If your partner is constantly trying to convince you that things are worse than they actually are, it's more than likely because they are afraid of what the future holds. For them,the easiest way out at that point, is to start a fight and make it seem like calling the whole thing off is better for both parties.

5. They love their I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.C.E.

If your date is uncomfortable or even aggravated with you paying for their meals or always lavishing them with gifts, it's probably because they enjoy being independent and don't fancy the collaboration that comes with committing to another person.

6) They flirt, boy do they flirt.

Even if your partner is faithful in the most objective sense, but they flirt and flaunt and explore the attention they can get from others, it's because they don't foresee the relationships lasting. They love keeping their options open for when things in the current relationship become too serious and it's time to jump ship.

7. They're not thrilled about meeting the parents.

If your partner never fails to cancel plans that involve them meeting your parents or vise versa, there's a good chance that the seriousness of getting involved with your family is just not what they're looking for.

8. They don't like change.

If altering any part of your relationship is unsettling for your partner, then they're probably afraid that changing is upgrading, and upgrades can be serious, and serious is scary.

9. They don't leave things at your place or always give you your things back promptly.

If your significant other scans the room for their belongings before they leave or always has yours ready for you the next time you see each other, it could be because they don't feel fully committed. Therefore, they never know when they could decide to end things and want to avoid that awkward encounter where you give and take belongings. Nobody likes weird tension.

10) They need escape routes.

If your love interest can't even stay over without an alternate ride home, it could be because not even they know when they could start one of their infamous "end it all" fights and need an escape that doesn't involve you. Being trapped somewhere where they can't be in charge of their own departure could mean serious commitment.

Committing to a person isn't for everyone. However, if that is something you are looking for, just be honest with yourself. When or if these signs occur, I suggest seeing the red flags for how they truly are. It may be best to confront that person to see what the both of you would like to see come from the situation you are in.