Change is one of the hardest things in life. We're creatures of habit, so change can often be really uncomfortable. I personally hate change, but I never had to deal with its fiery wrath until my family began the process of moving about a year and a half ago.

Things were rough for me when the topic of moving came up. I was finishing high school and already had the stress of finding a college and picking a major on my back. My family wasn't just planning on moving a town over, we were planning a move multiple states away to the south. By the time we put our house up, I was in college. I was both excited about a new beginning in a new state with new people, but also dreaded the idea of actually moving.

The stress weighed on me like crazy and only got worse when we had buyers. The time between selling our old house and buying a new one feels like a blur to me. There was a constant anxiety about not feeling settled. Beyond that, I had to transfer to both a job and a college in our new state. The stress of money was absolutely crippling. The first month or so after I moved felt so hard because there were a million things to do.

By now I've almost been here a year, and it's been so much better. I'm settled in a job with great coworkers, I go to a school I really enjoy, and I live in a more exciting place with opportunities to grow. I don't think I would have as many opportunities in my old town.

Comparing myself to last year makes me kind of laugh. I couldn't even imagine being so relaxed and settled like I am now. The change I went through was so rough and scary because there was so much left in the unknown. I know so many young people are going through big changes right now, and I really want it to be known that the pain and stress and confusion is worth the end result.

Take the stress of change one day at a time. Remember to look ahead and get excited about the future. Don't let the stress from change take over. Take time for yourself and make sure to express your feelings of fear and anxiety to others. You're going to be okay, everything is going to work out the way it's supposed to.