Upcoming Changes 2020
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Upcoming Changes 2020

Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act or the HEROES Act

Upcoming Changes 2020

The H.R. 6800 is designed to respond to COVID-19 in a multitude of ways including financial burdens. Many people support this bill because it will also help support public health. At the moment tests are being provided locally, but in many large cities, there are not enough tests for the coronavirus being administered. In June, the United States had created enough tests to equate for the number of positive cases, but recently, a drastic increase in cases has made it more difficult. These cities such as San Francisco have been forced to mandate the signs of COVID-19 before they can receive a test for the virus. In response to this, the HEROS Act will eliminate cost-sharing for COVID-19 treatments, making the tests accessible to more individuals. This will directly provide some insight into actual numbers that are being represented in the United States.

In addition to this elimination, the bill will provide funding and establish requirements for COVID-19 testing and contact tracing. Other countries, specifically in Asia, are seeming to have a more aggressive approach to the pandemic. Their testing capabilities exceed that of the United States as the United States accounted for 15 million tests in June while China test 6.5 million people in a matter of days. Countries are on the race to find a solution to COVID-19, but in the duration, changes must be made.

If you are working, you may notice the development and implementation of an infectious disease exposure control plan. This is necessary as an employee could become infected and the results take anywhere from four to six days. Taxes will be different next Spring due to multiple tax credits and deductions. A grant will be issued to employers that allow them to pay their essential workers pandemic premium pay. Testing has become a central priority for many health experts; it is in hopes that the virus can be traced between the sick and healthy to lower the spread of coronavirus, however, this remains difficult with many obstacles.

The Cares Act, passed March 27, 2020, distributed $1,200 to adults and $500 for each child. The HEROS Act has set a heftier distribution in the future of $1,200 per individual, of course with some guidelines. The bill will also expand paid sick days, family and medical leave, unemployment compensation, housing assistance, nutrition, and food assistance programs, and payments to farmers. Among these benefits, there are many others, making this a favorable bill. July 7, 2020, this bill was passed by the Senate; it now is awaiting approval by the President. After that, it will then be a Law.

While this may not affect all of us individually, it affects our families, neighbors, and communities. Making this a time, more than ever to stand together and do our part to protect each other from retracting the virus. No one knows when or if things will return to normal, so since many laws are changing and bills being passed, it is best to spend this extra time becoming informed of what is new to come.

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Positive Aspect of HEROS Act

Many people are in the need of money, many recently lost their jobs as the unemployment numbers increased and the number of positive coronavirus cases. Many individuals have returned to work while some remain unemployed, to lessen this financial burden, a payout of $1,200 may be issued to each individual, aside from limited restrictions. Changes may be in the near future as the world around has has changed drastically, laws must change as well to support those affected.

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