A Champion's Secret
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A Champion's Secret

Mental vs. Physical

A Champion's Secret
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“I once heard a coach say that football is a mental game. It is 90% mental and 10% physical. The team that wins the game used more will than skill and they had the mentality and drive of a champion.” ~ Anonymous

The quote above got me thinking that what if football was like life. What if we have to balance out our mental and physical strength in everything we do on a daily basis, especially in making decisions? A good example is exercising because you have to determine how far you want to go (how hard you want to push yourself) and how far your body is actually willing to. When I exercise, I always make a plan on how far I want to run or walk and usually the decision is made my how my body feels physically. Now even if I am sore sometimes I will push myself to run hard because I have the mentality “I can do it. I can do it.” But, unfortunately some of those times I will wake up the next day feeling like a bus ran over me during the night. In this instance, my mentality overrides my physical ability. When it comes to working with your hands, doing athletics, or anything really to play the game it must be 90% mental and 10% physical. You have to know what you are doing and act fast. Smarts outweighs strength in everything. In the example written above, I obviously did not use my athletic smarts wisely or effectively.

Now, to get a better grasp on mental versus physical ability-- we need to think like a physicist. “An object is only as strong as its weakest point" (Ice Princess). If your weakest point is your mind and you only have your strength, then you use all of your strength and your mind will be left wondering what to do. If you have a strong mind, then you can balance out how you use your strength to your abilities. In simple words, if you use all of your strength then you run yourself out of options because your mind and other assets are not trained properly.

To succeed in the game of life you have to balance your mental and physical abilities because there are multiple tasks human deals with on a daily basis. But we have to remember that how we feel mentality will ultimately impact our physical appearance. Those who understand the secret of this balance grow to accomplish amazing feats and expectations. We must take a lesson from these geniuses and unlock the secret of greatness ourselves.

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