Very few people have complete self-confidence. In the society we live in with all the beauty "standards" set forth, it is practically impossible for anyone to love themselves 100%. There always seems something that could be better or fixed. That shouldn't be a "standard." Even girls in Fifth grade think they need makeup. When I was in Fifth grade, I didn't even know what bronzer was. Media has such a strong influence on women and children (men too); It's demolishing our self-esteem and brain-washes into thinking there's something wrong with us. Here's something I wrote in my early high school years:

"What if you looked in a mirror, and actually liked what you see?

What if you said "thank you" instead of denying your beauty?

What would happen if you actually appreciated what you have?

See, there's a reason you are who you are and that reason's never bad.

We were put on this earth to make beauty in everything we do.

But how can you do that if you don't see the beauty in you?

It's hard for me to grasp the idea of self-loathing.

I mean, how much makeup you wear or your weight isn't everything.

Neither are the shoes you wear, where your clothes come from, or how straight you can get your hair.

I can only imagine how you see yourself, but it’s so hard for those around you to bear.

All your loved ones around you want you to be happy in your own body.

You shouldn't listen to the hurtful things from a random somebody.

Listen to the people who care and want to make you happy.

It's them who say the truth, no matter how sappy.

You need to understand just how amazing you are.

You are gorgeous, but that's not what is important by far.

All that actually matters in life is who you are on the inside.

Yes, you've probably heard from your mother or some philosopher who, by now, has died.

But there's still every bit of meaning in internal beauty.

Yes, first impressions are generally based on looks,

but show your internal self and that first impression will be overlooked.

Looks and appearances cannot define a person for who they are and what they become.

It's what you feel in your heart makes you the person you become.

I feel in my heart I am set to create beauty in art in this world.

It's different for each person, but what's the same is, is just one word.

Beauty. Beauty comes in all shapes and forms.

Each and every person has their own unique way to make this earth transform.

I'm not saying that everyone uses it or even knows what it is they can do,

But everyone still has their personal beauty, just like you.

You have a beauty unlike anyone else.

You create beauty in your own way, by being yourself.

You are the only one who can change the world in this way,

Don't waste it on hating yourself while you let your beauty rot and decay.

I'm saying this as a person who cares and has experienced the bad,

Accept yourself for who you are because that person is pretty rad.

Be brave and express your inner self.

Embrace your beauty and stay you."

In summary, don't feel like you have to look like celebrities or models. You don't need it. Beauty "standards" should not be standards at all. Being your beautiful self should be your only standard.

Personally, I have great self-confidence, but I do have things I don't like about myself. It's hard to distinguish what I want to change for: Do I change because that's what society thinks is best or do I do it for myself? It's practically impossible for us to break away from what the America culture sees as beautiful, so all we can do is do what's best for us, not for them.