What Cerebral Palsy Taught Me...

Sometimes people ask me if I had a choice would I choose to have CP. Or if there was some magical cure, would I option to take it. Now usually, when someone asks me this I get caught off guard. A life with CP is all I've known for almost 21 years. So, it's kind of difficult to imagine my life without it.

Would I take the cure? Right now, there is none. But if there ever was, and I was around to see it, then maybe I would.

Having CP has been an extremely humbling experience, and it has definitely helped shaped me into the person I am today. But it isn't all of me. This isn't the same for everyone a lot of people identify mainly as being a disabled individual and carry knowledge from personal experiences and turn into a career in disability studies, or become an activist of some kind. As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Sure, if there was a cure it would take away my physical limitations, but it won't turn me into some arrogant person who is all about herself. I have always been a fan of liking the person I see in the mirror, and with or without CP that is never going to change. Everyone has a struggle of their own, some people just might have a more obvious one. It's important to support each other, especially in the bad times.

No matter what, I will always go above and beyond my ability to help someone. Whether they need a ride, or just someone to listen to. This isn't because I have CP. The struggle is real, and everyone needs to have someone. I'm 100 percent sure that even if I wasn't in the current situation that I'm in I would still be that way towards others.

Cerebral Palsy has physically limited me, yes, but it has taught

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