Interview With Celebrity Fitness Model
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Interview With Celebrity Fitness Model

Motivational Speaker David Michigan

Interview With Celebrity Fitness Model
David Michigan

David Michigan is a fitness coach, international model and motivational speaker, who started doing what he loves at the early age of 15. From this age, he's spent his time helping people to burn fat and build muscle, as well as curing them with hypnosis.

He soon found that he had a deep passion for helping others, and used that energy to help as many people as possible.

David works hand in hand with people to help them accomplish their hopes and dreams.

The only thing stronger than his energy and happiness, is his drive to help others to meet their most profound desires.

Why is the unconscious mind so important ?

All the best performances in the world are performed in unconscious ways. Your conscious mind can only focus on a few things at a time, while your unconscious is doing other things at the same time. When you smile, you use 17 different muscles, and it is your unconscious that operates them for you. When you frown, you are using 43 muscles.

When I connect you to your subconscious, you will be able to consider ideas, concepts, and beliefs in a way that frees you from your conscious limitations. It gives you direct access to your memory, your emotions, your desires, your decision making, your healing abilities, your hormonal regulation, and an infinite number of possibilities.

Do you think that there is a lack of consideration for mental training in life ?

When you ask any successful person the importance of the mind in his performance, he will answer you that the mind is extremely important, and represents at least 80% of his performances.

So if this is such an important area, how much time do we really spend on mental training? Do we spend 80% of our time doing it?

It is not a lack of people's will, but rather a lack of concrete information and practical methods to apply.

What do you say to people who think that the functioning of our mind is complex ?

What is good is that one does not need to know how the mind works to have the desired results.

Electricity can be a pretty complex thing, and yet you do not need to know how it works to turn on the light. You do not need to know how an airplane works to travel around the world. And in the same way, you do not need to know in detail the biological reactions of your body to be able to build muscle.

Do you have any advice to give ?

  • Importance of repetition
  • Eliminate what is not necessary
  • Always visualize
  • Eliminate your bad habits
  • Write your goals
  • Be accurate
  • Stay focus
  • Trust yourself
  • Model the best
  • Redefine what you call "failures"

Repetition is one of the keys to permanent success. Practice at least one mental technique a day. No matter how long you do it (even just 30 seconds), it's a matter of getting a habit first.

To use your mind, simplicity is a very important concept. It's useless to master 50 methods perfectly. Choose one or two and master them. A beginner will try to do everything. An expert has his own method and do it indefinitely because he knows that it works.

Always visualize what you want deep inside you. Imagine very precisely your result. You must act as if you already own what you want to get. The mistake is to want it. More than to want it, you must imagine that you already have it, because your unconscious does not make the difference between the reality and what you imagine.

The hard part is not acquiring new habits, but removing your past habits because your mind wants to stay in its comfort zone.

You must set specific goals and write them to anchor them even more in your reality. Less than 3% of people in the world have written their goals. Arnold Schwarzenegger had understood this concept being young, and kept with him his goals written in his pocket.

It is important that you always be accurate with yourself. If you only say, "I want to lose fat," then you can lose 1g of fat and your unconscious says mission accomplished. For example, say "I want to lose 10 pounds of fat in 3 months."

The more you focus your mind on the result, the sooner you will get it. The thing that stops people the most is the loss of concentration. The environment, little by little, can pull you out of your goals if you're not paying attention.

Your unconscious mind has always been on your side, do not be afraid to listen to yourself. You already have all the answers in you. If you follow the advice of others too much, it could sometimes destabilize you, and you could get results that are not the ones you really want.

Analyze what the people you admire are exactly doing, in order to model them. There are often specific reasons why they are doing this, imitate their habits while remaining yourself.

You do not have failures. Those are just learning about what you become as a person.

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