10 Celebrities Who Have Undoubtedly Inspired And Restored Your Faith In Humanity

10 Celebrities Who Have Undoubtedly Inspired And Restored Your Faith In Humanity

These celebrities have gone above and beyond trying to make a positive difference in the world.

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Lately, it seems we've taken a few steps backward. Our government is in shambles. The president spreads hate and foolishness every time he speaks. More and more celebrities have become famous for absolutely nothing or because they are involved in scandals.

It is enough to make us feel like we are all doomed.

But, then you get those celebrities that give you hope. They see the terrible things happening, and they go above and beyond to try to help. These celebrities will inspire you with their activism and restore our faith in humanity.

1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has definitely carved a place for herself with the LGBTQ community. She has publicly spoken at rallies, calling for equality. One rally she spoke at called for the repeal of the "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy. She also spoke at the National Equality March rally in 2009. She created a PSA video with former vice president Joe Biden about sexual assault.

Finally, Lady Gaga created the Born This Way Foundation. This foundation wants to create resources and opportunities for our youth. They help with mental health and work with partners to create positive resources online and off.

2. Halsey

Halsey is just 23 years old and has only been in the spotlight for a short time, but is already making quite an impression. She has spoken out for women's equality and has openly spoken out against the "Global Gag Rule."

Teaming up with the Center for Health and Gender Equality and ART NOT WAR, Halsey made a video asking for everyone to support the "Global HER Act." Most recently, Halsey spoke at this year's New York City Women's March, reciting a powerful poem about her experience with sexual assault.

3. Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is hugely into philanthropy and activism. She frequently donates money to multiple charities and being the spokesperson for a number of events. She has also founded a number of different organizations.

In 2003, along with AIDS Activist Leigh Blake, Alicia Keys co-founded Keep a Child Alive. Dedicated to helping the fight against AIDS, Keep a Child Alive works to spread education, treatment, money and support to places like Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa and others.

In 2014 she came up with the We Are Here Movement that has turned into an organization. This organization partners with a number of different charities. They deal with juvenile justice, women's rights, children's rights and the economy. She has also started the #NoMakeup Movement in 2016. She explained her reason for going makeup-free in an essay published in Lenny Letter.

4. John Legend

John Legend does plenty to improve our education system. In 2007, he began the Show Me Campaign. This campaign called for the quality of children's education to be higher.

With multiple programs available, the campaign celebrates and elevates teachers and works to address the issues in our criminal justice system that directly impacts the poor and disadvantaged.

In 2015, John Legend started the FreeAmerica campaign in hopes of changing the conversation about our policies and changing our criminal justice system. He has visited with inmates, law enforcement, legislators and experts to resolve these issues.

5. Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is a YouTube personality known as iiSuperwomanii. Her videos are hilarious videos of everything you could ever think. With a following of 13 million subscribers, she has taken advantage of her fame and celebrity to turn it into something meaningful.

In 2016, Lilly started a series called #GirlLove in an attempt to stop the girl-on-girl hate. She had video collaborations with celebrity women where she would interview them or they'd put on a funny skit. She would keep the interviews positive and uplifting.

Her social media accounts were also full of the hashtag #GirlLove. She used the popularity of #GirlLove and started a campaign selling Rafikis and used the proceeds to send girls in Kenya to school. Partnering with We Charity, in 2017, Lilly did it again for her birthday.

6. Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams is best known for playing Avery Jackson on "Grey's Anatomy," but this actor is definitely a great activist and humanitarian. He has donated to multiple charities and has been vocal on social media about the injustices black men face in America.

He gave a powerful speech at the 2016 BET Music Awards after he was awarded the Humanitarian award. He is on the Board of Directors at Advancement Project where they work to stop the unjust policies that prevent democracy.

He is also a member of Sankofa. Sankofa is an organization that collaborates with grassroots efforts to raise the voices of the defenseless and promote justice, peace and equality.

He has also executive produced two documentaries. One in 2012 called "Question Bridge: Black Males," was a transmedia project where black males could ask questions and other black males could answer them. It was supposed to give black males a safe place to feel free and equal. Another, in 201, was the "Stay Woke: The Black Lives Matter Movement Documentary," where he also starred in.

7. Demi Lovato

Before 2011, Demi Lovato struggled majorly. It wasn't till she was diagnosed as bipolar and found the right treatment plan for her that she started to feel better.

Now, she has become a mental health advocate. She is a celebrity ambassador for We Charity and has gone to Kenya to help build an x-ray clinic for her 21st birthday.

She has hosted WE Day in Toronto and has raised $80,000 through donations, charity auctions and her appearance on "The Price is Right." She designed her own Rafiki bracelet to raise money for a women's empowerment center in Kenya.

She also started her own foundation called Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health. And in 2016, she spoke at the Democratic National Convention, saying how mental health treatment needs more resources.

8. Karlie Kloss

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Karlie Kloss became fascinated with coding language. She would see STEM use it and wanted to learn everything about it.

She went to the Flatiron School in Manhattan and took their two-week boot camp for adults. She was shocked at how little females there were in the class so she decided to change that.

She spent $20,000 of her own personal money and underwrote 21 scholarships for girls to take the class at Flatiron School. But, she wanted to do even more.

In 2014 she began her own two-week summer camp, called Kode with Klossy, in New York, Los Angeles and St. Louis. In June of that same year, it expanded to 12 more cities across the country.

9. Misha Collins

You may know Misha Collins from "Supernatural." But, he is actually big with politics and making the world a nicer, safer place. He, along with costar and friend Jensen Ackles, used their big fan following to start their own t-shirt campaign in 2016.

Their t-shirt campaign, You Are Not Alone, is to raise money so they can fund "Supernatural's" own crisis support network. The network allows people to get in contact with professionals in depression, self-harm or anything else going on in their lives.

Misha Collins also started his own non-profit in 2009. He asked his fans on Twitter to come up with a project to gain government funding to send to non-profit initiatives. That idea soon went from just a project and morphed into him having his own non-profit called Random Acts. They inspire people to do random acts of kindness every day, whether small or big.

10. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has always been big with activism work. She, along with other celebrities, like Nicole Kidman, did a PSA for Stop Rape Now. She also did a campaign with PETA to stop the wearing of animal fur. Lastly, she has her own foundation called the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP).

Started in 2007, this foundation invests in the children of Africa to help keep them safe from HIV/AIDS. The foundation helps grassroots groups get the funding and support they need to prevent HIV/AIDS. CTAOP also created their own movement and hashtag called #GenEndIt to unite adults and youths of this generation to try to stop AIDS by 2030.

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