Why It's Okay To Celebrate Christmas In November
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Why It's Okay To Celebrate Christmas In November

It is the holiday season for a reaseon

Why It's Okay To Celebrate Christmas In November

There are two types of people in the world the ones who go into full on Christmas mode when the date changes from October 31st to November the 1st and then everyone else. I just so happen to be one of the full on Christmas mode people and I'm here to say that is okay. Despite what people may believe it is okay to group Thanksgiving and Christmas into the same category. They may be different Holidays but they are coincided together and are what we call the "Holiday Season." It is okay to start playing your Christmas music and movies once November rolls around. If you enjoy the feeling of Christmas and have much holiday spirit then it is okay to start early. Thanksgiving and Christmas are two holidays in which we enjoy the company and love of family so why can we not start early on our holiday cheer and festivities. Putting up decorations may be a little much because you don't want to get sick of looking at decor before Christmas is even here, but why not start the movies, music, and food.

With all the variety of each, 25 days in December just isn't enough time to enjoy it all. So buy that eggnog, watch ELF, and play jingle bells if it makes you happy. Enjoy the holiday SEASON not just one holiday in general.

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