5 Easy Reasons Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs
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5 Reasons Why Cats Make More 'Purr'-fect Pets Than Dogs

I mean, dogs are cool, too.

5 Reasons Why Cats Make More 'Purr'-fect Pets Than Dogs

As a person who has grown up with cats their entire life and has had a couple of semi-traumatic events take place with both species, I can safely say that I am way more of a cat person. I don't know if it is because I am just introverted and my behaviors can be described as cat-like or if it just boils down to personal preference. There is a long heated debate about whether dogs or cats are just better overall.

Mostly everyone says dogs, generally, because they just do more. But I'm here to tell you that cats can be just as fun, if not better. This may be an unpopular opinion, but here are five reasons why cats are better than dogs.

Less work.


Dogs required the most attention, in my opinion. From needing to be walked every day to picking up poop from the side of the road to being groomed and played with constantly. For some people, this is perfect, but for someone who has work and school, dogs seem a little much. In contrast, all cats need is a bowl of food and water and their litter changed every once in a while.

Less gross.


Dogs get into all sorts of messes on a daily basis, not to mention the doggy smell and stinky breath. Cats are never messy and rarely have any odor — unless of course they get sprayed by a skunk, like mine did about a week ago. But as long as that doesn't happen, you are pretty much good to go.

Not all up in your business.


Cats are pretty chill overall. They don't require special attention, they are just happy doing their own thing. They will cuddle with you sometimes and leave you alone others. Dogs, from my experience, are always up in your face or trying to eat your food or sitting in your lap. This honestly would drive me crazy.

Very loving/comforting.


Although most cats are introverted and quiet creatures, they are also very loving and supportive. I believe all animals can sense when something is wrong or if someone needs comfort. Cats are great at cuddling and making you feel better. Granted, dogs will do this too, but cats will comfort minus all the annoying neediness.

And if you still aren't hooked, some of them literally act like dogs trapped in cat bodies.


Not all animals act exactly the same. Some dogs act more chill and some cats are higher energy. If you want the best of both worlds with the mind of a dog in a cat body, there are many cats out there that act JUST like dogs. This comes from experience because one of my cats, Indie, short for Indiana, named after Indiana Jones (obviously), is loud, high maintenance, and he will literally sit on your face and roll around at your feet for attention.

So I think I have proven my point: Cats rule and dogs drool. JK, I still like dogs, but cats are just as good too.

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