I have had a cat for over 14 years and it has been one of the best parts of my life. My dad brought him home one day and he was so small that he fit into our cupped hands. Now, it is a struggle to pick Murray up. His vet has said that this cat is the second largest cat he has seen as a vet. I am definitely more of a cat person than a dog person, but dogs are pretty great too. As my cat grew up, my family and I were able to pick up Murray's tendencies and what his meows meant.

So, here are 15 thoughts every cat has definitely had at some point.

1. "Why are the humans staring at me?"


2. "I'm just trying to take my fifth nap of the day."

3. "If you're going to take my picture, turn the flash off."

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4. "Hey! That's my tail! Watch it!"

5. "I dare you to rub my belly. I dare you."


6. "Oh, yes. Scratch my chin. That's the spot."

7. "Hello, where's my food? I need to eat, too."


8. "Excuse me, my litter box needs to be cleaned."

9. "Open the curtains. I need to lie in the sun."


10. "Oh, you just did laundry? It'd be a shame is someone got their hair all over those clean clothes."

11. "That plant looks tasty. I should bite the leaves and knock it over."


12. "Oh, s***. I must have done something wrong. I see that squirt bottle."

13. "Pay attention to me. I need the pets."

14. "That blanket looks cozy. I will enjoy its warmth with you human."


15. "These humans make me feel safe and loved."

It's true. It's science.