Being a Car Guy with No Car

Being a Car Guy with No Car

Being a car guy is great. Being a car guy with no car is a bit rough. Here's why.

Being a car enthusiast with no car is debatable for me as one of the worst feelings ever. There are so many things that you have to deal with, as well as the social stigma of not having a car to show off as your own, when being in a society where your car is an expression of yourself. Here's what I deal with on a regular basis.

Going to car shows:

Anyone who goes to a car show will be mesmerized by the different cars that are there, no doubt. However, someone like me, who doesn't have a car to show off, will have the best and worst feeling ever. The best feeling is knowing that you may have the opportunity to work on something like what you see in the future. However, the worst feeling is knowing that you have to talk to people. One of the worst things people ask me when I walk around at a meet or show is "So, what do you drive?" and without any hesitation, straight-faced, I will look at whoever asked and say "two legs" while I proceed to scream internally.

What-If Thoughts:

The desire to have a car fills my mind half the time with what-if situations, such as "I wonder what it would be like if I owned this car..." when I should be paying attention in class. In my pass-time, after looking at the regular social media outlets, I look through a lot of new and used car listings at all the cars I would like to have. I see so many listings of cars that I would love to own in my life at some point, ranging from beat-up old Subarus, to basically new BMW 1-Series coupes.

The Sad Truth:

The main reason I won't get a car for myself is the fact that I have to prioritize my budget for college. I have to face the fact that no matter how I get money, I have to put it towards my college expenses in some way. Any income that I get goes towards paying for textbooks (or online access) or paying for food. I have to keep a restrictive watch on my wallet in terms of spending so that it's only for important things. The fact that I have to be so budget conscious right now means that I can really start looking for a car to buy after I am out of college with a well-paying job.

Being a car guy with no car is pretty rough. There are so many of us, especially in college, who love the idea of expressing yourself through your car. But many people, such as myself, don't exactly have the money to buy and maintain a car while in college. As bad as it seems though, I do think it'll give me more opportunity for a wider range of cars when I'm out of college with a well-paying job.

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