Can the Falcons Really Make It To The Playoffs?
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Can the Falcons Really Make It To The Playoffs?

Are the back-to-back preseason wins to good to be true?

Can the Falcons Really Make It To The Playoffs?
Atlanta Blackstar

The Atlanta Falcons have had an amazing preseason so far, earning their respect from two notable teams in the NFL. Including the Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Browns, teams are beginning to fear playing against the Atlanta Falcons. With the new players that have been added to the Falcons roster, the Dirty Birds are sure to take over this next season.

According to many sports critics and writers, the Falcons are more than prepared to do well in the regular season. Although within the past few seasons, fans have been let down, many Falcons fans still believe in a successful future for the team.

"I feel that the Atlanta Falcons will do well in the regular season," Atlanta Falcons season-ticket holder Donovan Dodds says about his favorite NFL team. "I feel bad that we lost two really great players."

Donovan feels that if the Falcons make it to the playoffs with a strong offense and a healthy Julio Jones, they will definitely go far. Coming from a family of many Falcons fans, Donovan has believed in the Falcons going far since he was a young child.

"I had more faith during the Vick days, but I'm confident with Julio Jones now healthy, anything is possible." Dodds says about the Falcons past and present team.

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Although Dodds represents the vast majority of the Falcons fans, many citizens of Atlanta are fans of different teams in the NFL. Kcyree Zahir, a Dallas Cowboys fan, even believes that the Falcons have a chance this season.

"I feel as if defensively they really do not have much hope." Zahir says about the opposing team, "Offensively, as long as Julio Jones continues to perform as he did in his previous years, he will do well this season. As long as Matt Ryan does not choke under pressure, and live up to the name 'Matty Ice," the Falcons will go 8-8."

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Unfortunately, we must wait another 3 weeks until the regular season begins, and fans can begin to countdown to, hopefully, their first playoff game in 2017. For now, fans can countdown to the next preseason game against the Dolphins in Miami next Thursday.

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