After the Red Sox's World Series win earlier this week, I've been reflecting on the phenomenon that is Boston sports fans. The 2000-2001 NFL season was a very sad time, well for everywhere except Boston. That was the season where Tom Brady joined the Patriots and when the problem really began.

In the past 17 years, the major 4 teams in Boston have won a total of 11 championships. And all I have to say is I'M SICK OF IT! We get it you have strong teams, but can we please go a season without having to hear nonstop talk about Boston on ESPN. In the 21st century alone Boston has won 11 championships making them the most winning city of the century. Frankly, I think something must be done.

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And don't even get me started on those fans.

Boston fans are legit the worst. They are accustomed to winning so much that when they do lose, they don't know how to react. This constant theme of winning has produced a city full of some of the biggest sore losers I have ever seen. These fans are raised on this consistent winning streak, causing them to miss the valuable life lesson of how to be a gracious loser.

Let's face it most of them would hate Boston as much as the rest of us if they weren't born there.

Listen I know as a Philly fan I don't get to say much, but at least I can acknowledge we're kind of obnoxious; we even booed Santa Claus. However, when you've only won 2 championships in the last 10 years it much more acceptable. The Phillies won the World Series 10 years ago this year and the Eagles won their FIRST EVER Superbowl earlier this year, and before that Philly hadn't had a win since the 80s.

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Listen maybe we did basically destroy our city after the win but when you win your first even championship against "the goat" himself with your backup quarterback it's warranted. Let us be obnoxious for a year. Let us casually mention at all times we are the reigning world champs, cause we don't know when it will happen again. As a Philly fan, we do try to Trust The Process (#TTP) and "Keep the Phaith" but it can be hard at times.

So please just give us one year of gloating and maybe thank us for taking Boston down.

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Dear Boston,

Please stop!

Love every other city in America.