Rio Gold Medalist Caeleb Dressel Talks Olympics, Katie Ledecky, Tattoos & 'Carpool Karaoke'
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Rio Gold Medalist Caeleb Dressel Talks Olympics, Katie Ledecky, Tattoos & 'Carpool Karaoke'

The man, the myth, the legend.

Rio Gold Medalist Caeleb Dressel Talks Olympics, Katie Ledecky, Tattoos & 'Carpool Karaoke'
Fernando Frazão / Wikimedia Commons

I'm sure we were all glued to our TV screens during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. America brought home many gold medals in almost every category of competition. There were also many newbies on Team USA that had their shining moments as they competed at these games. One newbie, in particular, was swimmer Caeleb Dressel. Dressel is an American freestyler who specializes in sprint events. He is from Green Cove Springs, Florida and he currently swims for the University of Florida Gators. Caeleb brought home two gold medals for Team USA and we can't wait to see what he does at the next Olympic Games in four years.

Although Caeleb has a very busy schedule, he made time to answer some questions regarding the Olympics, college, tattoos and the infamous "Carpool Karaoke" video below...

What were the goals you set for yourself this year, going into the NCAA championships and later the Olympics?

To just do my part as a teammate at both meets and enjoy myself with what I love to.

Your arm tattoo is hard to miss — what's the meaning behind it?

The eagle represents my favorite bible verse Isaiah 40:31 and the flag because I love this country and am honored to represent it

Which other Olympian was the most fun to hang out with on deck?

Elizabeth Beisel was my favorite. She is such a team player and is one of the funniest people I know.

You're a great swimmer but everyone has off days — how do you handle less successful swims, especially in high-pressure meets?

Bad swims happen and you can learn something from every race. Every race has something to teach you so even if it is a bad swim at least you can benefit from it. Also life goes on after a bad swim. You learn to get over it real quick.

Post-Olympics, what products have approached you for sponsoring and what are your criteria for accepting?

I am still in college so I cannot accept anything or talk to any sponsors.

What was it like living in the Olympic Village, were there any really cool aspects to it?

My favorite part was just having that much diversity from across the globe into one location. I loved seeing the other athletes from other countries just walk by.

Did you get to meet any other notable athletes in other sports? Who, and what was that experience like?

I got to meet the USA Men’s basketball team which was a dream come true, they were all super nice and spent a good amount time with the swimmers.

What is your favorite Olympic event, other than swimming obviously

Track and field.

What is life like post-Olympic Games?

It’s the same, I don’t want it to change. I'll just enjoy each moment and take it all in.

We've all seen the Carpool Karaoke video, who's idea was it and how did you guys put together that fun video?

Our video editor guy came up with it and we pretty much just drove around listening to music with gopros set up to record it all. It was awesome.

Where there any behind the scene practical jokes/pranks with your teammates during the Olympics?

Yes, of course, but I can't tell [laughter].

Who is the biggest goofball on the team?

Jacob Pebley

What are your views on Ledecky as a teammate?

She is an awesome person, I can't talk high enough of her. Pretty funny as well.

What is you plan for the 2020 Olympic Games? Can we expect you to make an appearance?

Yes! I plan to try out for the 2020 team.

Do you plan to go pro, like others before you or will you continue your college swimming career?

I will continue my career at UF.

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