Busch Garden has announced that they will be building a new roller coaster "Tigris." It will be Florida's tallest launch roller coaster.

A rendering of Tigris, a new triple-launch steel roller coaster that will be Florida's tallest launch coaster when it opens at Busch Gardens in the spring of 2019. The tiger-themed coaster Tigris will catapult riders 150 feet skyward and through an array of looping twists with forward and backward motion, an inverted heartline roll, all at more than 60 miles per hour. Photo courtesy Busch GardensAbove is a copy of the plans released by Busch Gardens.

The new triple-launch steel roller coaster will be tiger-themed, hence the name Tigris. According tohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jY9if5KCPTI

Tigris will also help increase tourism in the Tampa Bay area.

Along with this ride, another ride will be introduced to the Gwazi area in 2020. First, they have to tear down the old wooden roller coaster.

Tigris will become Busch Garden's ninth roller coaster, making Busch Garden that much more of a competitor against Six Flags. If the 2020 ride is also a roller coaster, Busch Gardens will join the top 15 parks in the world with the most amount of roller coasters. Talk about a big deal.

The height requirement for this ride is 54 inches, so make sure to wear that extra pair of socks if you're just too short!!

So, who's ready to #TakeOnTigris? I know I am.

For more information about Tigris, please visit the Busch Gardens website.