Rethink your actions when trying to protest against Nike.

Instead Of Burning Your Nikes, Which Solves Nothing, You Should Give Them To People Who Are Less Fortunate

I'm sure homeless veterans would really appreciate some Nikes

Nike's endorsement of Colin Kaepernick is arguably the biggest story of this week. The debate of whether it is appropriate to kneel during the anthem has been a divisive debate for a few sporting seasons. This is not a new issue, but Kaepernick's renewed media exposure has flared up the discussion once more.

If you consider burning Nike apparel discussion.

It is clear that those who are opposed to kneeling during the national anthem are more than displeased with Nike's decision. The movement began trending and went viral on Twitter, with videos of shoes in flames.

However, those who were less radical pointed out the hypocrisy of the fires and destruction of Nike. User @thekellyprice tweeted, "Maybe instead of burning/trashing/ripping/destroying @Nike products because of the Colin Kaepernick campaign, people should donate those items to homeless veterans... You know, because it's about the troops, right?" User @mikepwoodrow made the same argument by tweeting, "everyone burning their Nike gear because they have Colin Kaepernick headlining their new campaign: please donate what you no longer want instead of burning it. give it to someone who will appreciate and needs it instead of burning it... have some heart and compassion."

This is not the first time items have been burned when consumers were angry. After Keurig pulled Sean Hannity from their advertising, those in opposition destroyed their coffee makers.

Why aren't they trying to make a difference?

Burning items in protest does nothing to affect the corporation. A boycott would do even better, taking away money from the producer. Even better, a march would show unity and put pressure on the corporation to rethink its actions. But burning items wastes something perfectly useful and soiling it. And when the cause is supposed to support veterans, burning items homeless veterans could use does not paint a movement in a good light.

So, to all my dissenters who disagree with Kaepernick's movement against police brutality and inequality:

Make. A. Difference.

I urge you to plan a march, boycott, or even call your representatives to see what they can do. Standing up for what you believe in is one thing, but actually taking action is even better. But burning your good items that can be used by the less fortunate you claim to support? It looks shameful.

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