Let it Go

If there is anything that I want you to get out of reading this article, it is to let it go. Whatever "it" may be for you, forget about it. I know that it's hard, but it will be worth it, I promise.

I know that I didn't give any specific hints as to what "it" may be, but I also know that you had something in mind.

It happens to the best of us. I pride myself on not being too much of a worrier, but recently I have been worrying about anything and everything. If something is bothering me, I just cannot seem to forget about it, no matter how much I've vented or even written about it in my journal (I highly recommend journaling to anyone who is also a worrier.)

Something that my mom used to tell me whenever I was upset about stupid drama in high school was to "build a bridge and get over it." Although at the time I would roll my eyes at her like a typical teenager, I find myself thinking about that phrase often now.

This is because most of the things I (and most people) worry about are totally out of my control. We simply cannot control whether or not people like us, whether or not we will end up finding a job after college (even though I am really crossing my fingers for this one), or if we will be satisfied with our lives five years from now (yes, I do worry about this daily). And because we cannot control it, we should not even be capable of worrying about it, right? Wrong.

Because we are still capable of worrying about these irrelevant matters, we need to find some way to control our worries and not let them get the best of us. What we are worrying about probably has absolutely nothing to do with us, and is most likely not our fault.

The main thing that I enjoy doing when I find myself in a state of panic is to listen to music. Music is one of the only things in this world that can calm me down, and when I am stressed it really helps me.

I also talk to people about my problems (within reason). I find that the best person to talk to when I am worried is my mom. Even though I don't live at home anymore I find myself texting my mom many times throughout the week and she always knows what to say (God bless her). I try not to rant too much to her, or anyone else, though because I would never want to be looked at as a pessimistic person who cannot stop complaining and worrying.

And lastly, something that I have been doing lately to calm my nerves and my worries is to pray about it. Who better to talk to when you are feeling distressed than the One who has all of the answers? God has not let me (or you) down yet, so why would He start now? Praying just really helps me when I am feeling sad, lonely, or worried.

Now I know that even though I have included all of these methods to stop worrying, if you are going to worry nothing will stop you. I understand that. But I also know that everything is going to be okay and you will survive whatever it is that you are going through. You must remember that the point you are at now is preparing you for what's ahead, and it is going to be great!

So, whatever is bothering you, let it go. Everything is currently working out how it is supposed to.

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