Bryce Harper Is Making A Change With The Phillies
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Bryce Harper Makes The Phillies A National Conversation

As a Washington fan, I feel that we suffered from a great loss, but I am very excited as a baseball fan to see what he can do in Philly.

Bryce Harper Makes The Phillies A National Conversation

I think everyone knew that when Bryce Harper went to the Phillies he was going to make a difference. The only thing is no one knew how soon. This is the first time in a long time that people have been excited to see what is to come for the Phillies. Bryce Harper is the kind of player that makes an immediate impact no matter where he goes, and the Phillies was no expectation.

Bryce Harper is already hitting home runs and making a difference in games. When he made his return to Washington is was anything less than dramatic. But that's what Bryce Harper does he steals the show no matter where he goes. This season is going to be interesting with him in Philly. He is going to make that team one of the best in the National League.

The Phillies for the last few years have been in a rebuilding stage, and Bryce is a great addition to their rebuild. He is one of those players that show up every night. He gives it his all and there is no quit in this guy. He has amazing motivation and drive, and his numbers are amazing.

His averages made him the elite player that he is. He batting average is around 300 around a year. He already has 4 home runs so far this season. He is on pace to have at least 30 home runs this season. This could be one of his best seasons.

Bryce is an elite and all-star caliber player. To take someone with his talents and put him on a time like the Phillies it a big move. Not mention the fact that they are paying him the bucks.

For $300,000,00 and averaging about $25,000,000 for 13 years, this is the one guy that you want to show up every night. In my opinion, he is worth every bit of that money for the Phillies. He is a natural born leader and he can get a team to rally around him every night.

Bryce makes the players around him better. He has that ability to lead a team and hold everyone accountable, including himself. He will admit when there are times that he is not on his game. He is not one for just singling one person out. If one person goes down then everyone does because he has that team mentality all the time. He is known to lift everyone up when the time calls for some encouragement.

As a Washington fan, I feel that we suffered from a great loss, but I am very excited as a baseball fan to see what he can do in Philly. Bryce Harper is not just going away. He will be around for a while and he will continue to get better and to make the Phillies better.

I think that everyone has to watch out because they will be a force to be reckoned with. They will become a great team, and they will make the other teams around them step up their game.

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