Brock Turner Just Got Worse
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Brock Turner Just Got Worse

How he may try to monetize the case that outraged America.

Brock Turner Just Got Worse

As if Brock Turner's actions and the fallout from the injustice that was his sentencing and early release from prison for raping an unconscious girl behind a dumpster of a Stanford frat party, this whole situation just got worse. Brock Turner and his incompetent parent's might be attempting to now monetize off of the crime that he committed. The talk of a tour began during his trial days, and it would include going to high schools across the nation to talk about "alcohol and promiscuity" and the party culture on college campuses across the country. Now while there are already so many things wrong with Brock Turner and his family, this idea for a tour adds another level of creepiness to the situation.

First off Brock Turner a convicted rapist should not be able to set foot onto any kind of campus in this country, let alone a high school campus. This same man that used his mother as basically a human shield to protect himself from the cameras as he fled from processing now wants to travel the country preaching to the formidable minds of teenagers about what he thinks is wrong with party culture?

Brock Turner has yet to formally apologize to the woman whose life he ruined and changed forever in one night. He shows no signs of remorse for his actions and continues to victim blame for a situation which he had control over. A person can not blame the alcohol in their system for the crime that occurred when thousands of other people can go out and drink and not rape someone. He refuses to acknowledge that that what he did. He refuses to acknowledge that he raped someone. He refuses to admit he caused serious damage not only that night but for the rest of her life. He refuses to acknowledge that the treatment of his case is what makes other victims of sexaul assault afraid to speak.

This so called tour will only be a continuation of that: blaming everything else about the situation and refusing to realize that the only thing or person to blame in that situation was himself. It was not the party, or the alcohol in either one of their systems, it is not what she was wearing, it is not about how she was acting earlier that night before she was unconscious and it never was.

It's things like this disturbing case and so many others like it that make women terrified. Women are afraid to go places alone, dress how they want, go out to parties, or drink in fear that they will be attacked. And what makes it even worse is that the treatment of these cases by society and by even our judicial systems make it seem as though justice will never be served. It makes it seem as though it is our fault and that we need to teach women how to not be raped instead of teaching everyone that you shouldn't rape people. Consent shouldn't have to be a subject that is nailed into people's heads during college orientation or health classes but should be something that is understood because we are human.

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