11 Thoughts Every Broadcast Journalism Student Has
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11 Thoughts Every Broadcast Journalism Student Has, On And Off The Camera

Journalism students are not given nearly enough credit, and I, as a journalism major, can totally attest to that.

11 Thoughts Every Broadcast Journalism Student Has, On And Off The Camera

As a sophomore, I have seen enough to create this article and I need to let other majors know that we are working just as hard as they are. There is so much work that we have to do for videos that air for literally a minute and thirty seconds. Here's what goes through our heads weekly. We are constantly stressed. In the end, we are passionate and will face all the criticism that our family and friends have given to us when we chose this major, no matter what.

Why doesn't any of this camera equipment have WHEELS


I know you guys see us hauling a** throughout campus with 20 pounds worth of equipment hanging off of us. We literally have to do this every week, like 2-3 times a week. I'm TIRED bruh.

I honestly could care less about this story idea but I need one by the deadline


There is literally nothing exciting happening in Lexington and we end up having to go to Frankfort for a story anyway and NO we can't do a story about stuff happening on campus. I can't. I don't even have a car and this UBER money adds up y'all.

I literally don't have enough b-roll ohmygod


You get so distracted getting interviews that you forget to get enough b-roll and then you have to do a stand-up which is annoying to do by yourself and... you see how hard it is to be one of us?

If this doesn't work out, I can always find a sugar daddy


Okay let's be real, journalists just don't make that much and I get it OK, I know. But man if this really does go to sh*t then it's alright okay we have OPTIONS. No worries mom and dad.

*cries in Adobe Premiere*


Dear Adobe, why do you have to do that thing where you just close out when I'm in the middle of something. Dear Mac, why do you keep showing me the spinning rainbow wheel of death.

None of my potential interviews are getting back to me I'm screwed


Please, sir, I am a college student just trying to pass this class, I can't film a package if I don't have YOU IN IT. Nothing is more annoying than having a great story idea but having no leads.

This may be unethical but it's not invasion of privacy soooo like


Okay I know you're crying in the club right now but like sorry for filming you, this will look great in my video.

WTF is the server number

oh my god

I barely know my ID number how do you expect me to remember the long number for the server along with everything we're not supposed to do.

*crosses fingers when recording audio*


Audio is what literally MAKES the package and if I don't have good audio levels, I'm going to die. Literally, disintegrate. Just like that.

 Am I going to get a job?!


The journalism industry is SUPER competitive and the closer it's getting to graduate, the more I'm freaking out. Getting a summer internship is hard enough.

If I do (insert anything) I get an automatic F, UGh


You read that right. If the white balance is off, if there's too much or too little headroom, if the video is not lined up right, if something is slightly out of focus — YOU GET AN F. There are so many little things that you have to keep in mind, that's why we are always so on edge!

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