Jumped 3 Class Levels In College

If you've read my first article, you'll know I failed out of college my first year and came back after a year. Over the course of the past 365 days since I came back to college, I somehow started as a Freshman yet here I am now as a Junior. So, how did that happen? What's changed since going up a class level?

I worked my tush off the past two semesters and summer semester. I took 12 credits the first semester and moved up to a Sophomore. I took 16 the next semester, yet only passed 13 of those credits. I took 9 in the summer and ended up becoming a Junior. I was in a sort of halfway point. Had I not taken summer courses, I would be switching class levels after each fall semester. Through hard work, I can say I somehow jumped 3 levels and so much changed from that.

My meal plan went down, it wasn't mandatory to see my advisor in order to sign up for courses and I even made the President's list that first semester. I developed a sense of pride in my schoolwork. I now have a bigger drive to do well and work hard. I have off moments, but it's well worth it. It reminds me that I made a good choice when I switched my major in my first year of college. It reminds me that the struggled I have faced and still face are well worth it.

I've learned something very important this past year of being back in school: it is possible to rise out of a dark pit in your life. It is possible to turn damage into something viable. I started college with a 0.067 GPA. With hard work, dedication, and help from those around me I have above a 2.5 GPA. It allows me to motivate others and help others in similar positions. It's a helpful reminder that things can be turned around if you just work hard enough at it.

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